Thursday, May 20, 2010

I just don't have good timing...

It's one of my faults. Sh*% is hitting the fan, I like to throw that one extra thing in there. Just to complicate things. It's just something I do.


We are about to leave for a trip to Italy
Upon our return, we will move out of our condo and into a tiny apartment 4 days later
We are in the midst of getting plans finalized for our new house
Loved ones around us are sick

And I have decided that I desperately want another puppy. Crazy? Yes.

Consider this logic.

We get a puppy as soon as we move into 'Tiny Apartment'. 'Tiny Apartment' features richly appointed vinyl flooring and about 3 inches of carpet.
(keep in mind pretty new house will have yards and yards of new carpet and pretty hardwood floors)

So we get the puppy. We train the puppy. The puppy has accidents on said richly appointed vinyl flooring. Kara and Jeremy do not freak out. Kara and Jeremy will be moving out in a matter of months.

See???? It really makes sense. Kind-of. 2 people, 2 dogs, 600 square foot apartment.

So we have been looking online all across the country to find the type of dog we would like and finally found an ad in the paper for a local woman who had puppies. We decided to go out and look at them as we had not even seen this type in person (petite mini goldendoodle).

We went out there on Tuesday, drove about 7 hours west (Debra swears it was only 47 minutes. I think her watch lies) where all dog breeders seem to live. We played with the absolutely adorable puppies, and then let Punky out of the car to interact. We had informed her that she was here to 'Brother Shop'.

Let's just say that interaction did not go as planned. She did not get aggressive, she did not bark or bite, rather she jumped into my arms and cowered in fear. Fear of two 7 week old mini goldendoodle puppies. This is the same dog that has no fear of my cousin's pit bulls. The same dog that bounds towards German Shepherds at Daycare, ready to play. But 7 week old goldendoodles, terrifying.

So, we decided to wait on the puppy search for right now. We can pick back up when we are settled into the richly appointed 'Tiny Apartment'. I can't imagine why this would not seem like the absolutely perfect week to buy a dog. I mean seriously, our lives are oh so stable right now.

So I, Kara Leigh Frank, walked away from a puppy. Cue the applause. I, Kara Leigh Frank who would adopt anything that walked in my door, walked away from a precious puppy. I know, something has gotten into me and I'm not sure I like it. Something some people call sensibility. Sensibility, who needs it.

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