Friday, May 21, 2010

Packing Party

We're having another Friday night packing party tonight. It's pretty exclusive. There is a dress code and everything. If you're lucky, you can text me and maybe I'll put you on the list. Maybe. If you promise to bring your own packing tape.

I hate packing.

With a mad passion.

However, last night I learned something about myself. In our last few days at the Groveland, we have been trying to appreciate all the things we love about the building. And there are many. First, the people. Second, the rooftop deck. Third, the gym.

Last night, we both got home late and were stressed. Instead of freaking out or plopping down on the couch, we decided to have a drink on the rooftop deck. We went up there, and found some of our neighbors had the same idea. They were sitting there with pretzels and drinks and invited us to come sit with them.

Now you likely have noticed by now that I have an affinity for people older than myself. If it was socially acceptable I would interact solely with the 80+ crowd. I love old people. So when the 60/70 year olds asked us to sit with them, I was honestly more excited than if some 20 somethings asked us to sit down. These neighbors had their condo on the market at the same time we did, and sold about the same time we did.

So, we are both in the midst of packing boxes and moving on. Curiously, I asked them why they were moving. It seemed to me that their move to the Groveland must have been their empty-nester move to the city, and I wondered where they would go now. Did they regret buying here? All the things that have no impact on me, but of course I must know. And of course I ask.

Well it turns out they just love to move. They hate accumulating stuff. They like to try new things, and are moving, for the 14th time in their marriage! This time, they will be moving to a condo in Wayzata. She said it's kindof like a couch, you just get sick of it and want to move on.

Jeremy beware...I totally get their logic. And was a bit excited by the prospect! Now I hate moving, but I love looking at houses. I love the prospect of living all over the I don't think that, practically speaking we will be moving 14 times in our marriage, but how fun! *Disclaimer: I recognize that I am probably the only one who finds that fun

So we enjoyed a drink with our fun neighbors, on the roof, a great night. Where else would people just invite you over to sit down and chat? I hope the new owner has an affinity for older neighbors just like me!

And I hope our new neighborhood has lots of fun old people ready and waiting for the Franks to arrive!


Kristin said...

good luck with the packing! i think it would be cool to move all over too! i actually like moving, i hate moving DAY but love moving!

CC said...

I loved this sweet post! Your positive attitude is refreshing. I have a site & blog that's dedicated to helping people have a successful move and would love to put a link or reference to this story at Wanted to ask your permission first.

Kara Frank said...

absolutely - go ahead and put it in!

Rachel Rosen said...

Good news! You'll love Golden Valley so much that you'll never want to move again.