Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Packing to Pack

It seems lately that my life is one big box. I pack things, and then I unpack things because I realize that I actually might need a can opener which happens to be at the bottom of box 47. And then I pack more, and now we are packing for a trip.

I live out of boxes. By choice, so I am not complaining. Just stating. And complaining a little. Give me a break.
On Friday, Jeremy and I will leave for our trip to Italy! We planned this trip about a year ago after we got home from Thailand and decided we needed another big trip to look forward to. I have a mental list of things I wanted to do/see/visit before having babies and Italy is one of them. However, we did not know at that time that we would be selling our condo, buying a house, building a house, moving into 'tiny apartment'.

Regardless, we are prepared for the move, but not so much for the trip. We'll get there. However, this past weekend, after spending 2 hours at REI shopping, we realized that some people save money for vacations. Jeremy and I should start saving money for 'preparing for vacations'. We do not tend to spend much money when we arrive in our destination, but we always feel that our current wardrobes are not sufficient for whatever locale we will be visiting. And thus it is necessary, maybe even required for entry onto the plane, that we shop for all new clothes.

In this case, hiking clothes. One of our stops in Italy is Cinque Terre, an area of small towns, traveled through only by foot. It's something I can handle that!

However, apparently this lead us to believe we needed to buy 'gear'. And 'gear' means clothes. Jeremy first requested "tear away pants". Now when I say tear away pants, what do you think of? Because I think of those Adidas pants with the snaps on the sides that the basketball players wear during breaks.

I didn't really think he needed those.

Apparently he meant those pants that zip off into shorts. Not tear away pants. Thank goodness. I also needed hiking pants. If he's getting some, I need some too!

And shoes.
And a hiking shirt.
Oh, and a comfy pair of ballet flats.
Ya know...for hiking.

It's a sickness I know, this over-packing situation.

On a recent trip to Stillwater for the night...

On our cruise this past winter...a selection of our shoes...

And I really tried to find a picture of our luggage for Thailand, but was unable to locate the photo. It is phenomenal. I will post another time.

This time, I am seriously trying to be moderate. As best I can. I don't do moderate well. Stacy loaned me their backpacks, and we will do our absolute best to fit everything in there. I can do it! I think. I will try at least.

Thank you everyone for all of your support during this process! When we return from Italy, it will be go time! We hope to see bulldozers at the house, and the inside of our new, tiny apartment. Changes abound!


Mel said...

I'm so jealous!! Have fun - I can't wait to hear all about your trip when you get back!

Melissa Marchese said...

Have a great time! Rob and I went to Europe in 2008 and we had so much luggage. The cabs are much smaller. We just fit in the cab with us having to sit on one of the suitcases. It was truly...embarrassing.

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