Monday, May 3, 2010

Welcome to Home Ownership

This past weekend Jeremy and I had our first taste of true home ownership. Let's call it the least fun game of pickup sticks ever.

We stopped at the house on Saturday and got the mail. Apparently the name has to be spelled perfectly or the post office will not forward the mail to you. So 'The Franks" does not get forwarded because it is not Kara or Jeremy Frank. Whatever. We got a post card saying that on Tuesday May 4, the city of Golden Valley would be performing their annual Brush Cleanup Day.

Brush Cleanup Day you say.

A day to clean your makeup brushes?
A day to touchup paint your house?
A day to clean the streets?

Nope, a day to pick up the logs that apparently decide to situate themselves all over your yard. We looked out the window and noticed that dotting our lovely property were sticks, logs and twigs galore. So we promptly left.

But we are good home owners, so we came back, the next day, prepared with rubber handed gloves. We started picking up sticks and made a pile at the end of the driveway. The pile continued to grow. And then...Jeremy walks into our back yard and screams.

KARA....get back here.

I walk back and see the worlds largest pile of sticks that will need to be moved.

Jeremy starts to scheme.
"Let's go to Art and Penny's and get a wheelbarrow"
"Let's drive my car up here and fill the trunk with them and then drive it down the driveway"
"Oh, I know, maybe we should go buy a wagon and put them all in and pull them down"

"Or maybe we should pickup the sticks"

Crestfallen, we begin to pick up the sticks. And when I say sticks, I mean logs. And when I say logs, I mean trees.

We pickup sticks, and pickup sticks until we are called over by a neighbor who wants to introduce herself. She introduces herself and then begins to tell us about a wild Woodchuck that is inhabiting our back yard and informs us that it will kill our dog or a small child.

A woodchuck, really?

Okey. So, keep in mind Jeremy and I are Jewish, and in the aforementioned scene while cleaning up sticks we decided we should also cut the lawn. However, after making about 20 calls, realized we don't actually know anyone who owns a lawn mower. But we got 20 recommendations for good lawn services.

Jeremy responds to her, "It's okay, we'll just call a service to get rid of the woodchuck"
Kara: "Yes, wildlife rescue can do it"

Neighbor: "Oh no, no, you need to outsmart the woodchuck. A trap will not work, this one is tricky. You need a transistor radio, and a rope..." and this is where I stopped listening

She also didn't seem to like my response that once we get some diggers in here to start gutting the house, I bet that woodchuck will find a new home. Woops!

She departs, after offering to have her son mow our lawn - yes please!!!

We continue to pick up trees.

Okay, so maybe that's not our pile of sticks, but it was basically that large. I do now know where these sticks came from, and I hope they never come back. But now I have a very clear understanding of what, 'Golden Valley Brush Cleanup Day' means.

Jeremy and Kara Frank....welcome to Home ownership.


Scorpicon said...

Step 1. Watch Caddyshack
Step 2. Realize you can't trap the woodchuck on your own
Step 3. Be sure the professional you hire isn't Bill Murray.

Rachel Rosen said...

Ahhh the joys of homeownership. Sam and I are still trying to find a landscaper, but we do have a lawn service that we are happy with. So if you want the number give me a call.