Friday, June 25, 2010

Living Without

A friend of mine recently wrote a blog post about trying, for certain periods of time, to live without certain things, just to see how easy/hard it would be. For example, they are going to start by trying not to eat past 8:00, as nutrition experts recommend, for 2 weeks to see how hard it is. Or, try to go for a month without using plastic bags or bottles. Or, try for one day, not to buy a single thing.

Jeremy and I are trying that as well. But more because of ability rather than desire.

Picture this:
Kara is sitting on the couch about a few days after moving into the new tiny apartment. Jeremy is standing in the kitchen. 
Jeremy: "Kara, uh, Kara...we don't have a microwave!"
Kara: "What? Sure we do!"
Jeremy: "Uh, where?"
We both look around and ponder, for an necessarily long period of time, and then look at oneanother and say:
"Crap, we don't have a microwave"

Now if this apartment were more of a permanent situation, I would have run out immediately and purchased a microwave.  However, I am stubborn, and unwilling to do so given the circumstances. So, we decided to try to live without.

People lived for millions of years without microwaves and did just fine. Vegetables can be steamed in a pot with water, tea can be boiled in a pot, eggs can be cooked in a pan like normal people.


I needed room temperature butter for a recipe. dun da dun (that's supposed to be intense background music)
What to do. I have frozen butter. I need room temperature butter. I have no microwave. And the stove top will melt said butter. And I am the single most impatient person you will ever meet, so clearly I could not wait until the next day when the butter would thaw.

So I did what any industrious girl would do, and I took out the hair dryer. Heck yes, I warmed that sucker up with a hair dryer, and it worked out mighty fine.

This girl is succeeding in living without! But not so much enjoying it.

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Unknown said...

Ok this is so random... But it just so happens that Ellen and I did without a microwave for about six weeks recently and I dealt with your exact same butter at room temperature issue. Solution? Hairdryer. Worked like a charm!!