Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The steps of doom....

I know I mentioned this during my Italy post, but I now have evidence to back up my statements. When we visited Cinque Terre, my awesome husband tried to find a nice place to stay. You see, Cinque Terre is a hot spot for students and young travelers, who are perfectly content to sleep 14 to a room and in bunk-beds, on floors and in bathtubs.

I however, am not one of those people. Never have been.

So, he found Casa de Limoni, a little B&B nestled into a lemon grove. Perfect! While researching hotels, he came across a Trip Adviser review that complained of the large hill and steps up to this hotel. Lazy Bums we thought! You seriously wrote a Trip Adviser review complaining about the hill to the hotel? Ha Ha, Lame-O. 

And then we arrived in Montoroso, Cinque Terre. After traveling 4 hours in a train. The directions to the hotel were as follows:
Walk out of train station and walk towards the new parking structure. Arrive at Casa de Limoni.
We walk out of the train station and see no new parking structure.
We see water, beaches, a road. No parking structure.
Jeremy asks a shop owner for directions and they say turn left, walk.

Okey. Guess Cinque Terre is not real hot on directions!

We turn left and walk. Walk and drag. At this point we are carrying my 47 pound suitcase, Jeremy's 52 pound suitcase, a gym bag full of things that did not fit into those bags, and a poster I bought on the street in Florence. Hot, sweaty, dragging bags.

And then we arrive at the following. Please view the attached video to fully understand the hike to our hotel:

I guess they weren't kidding. Now just imagine that hike with the aforementioned luggage. And two small Jewish people. Let's just say we wound up and a giant laughing heap about 4 times during our summit to the top.

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Hilarious! Check out my blog...I gave you an award!