Monday, June 21, 2010


Successful weekend!

Success #1: My best friend Stacy had her beautiful baby boy, Hank Vossberg over the weekend! I am overjoyed to be an "Auntie" to this little one. He's already easy going, just like his parents, but came into this world with quite a bang. Mom and baby are happy and healthy and should be going home today! I wish they didn't live in freaking Ham Lake (you cannot say Ham Lake without the preceding 'freaking'), but nonetheless, I will be making the trek to visit little Hank often.

Success #2: We sold our condo! We closed on Friday, after a bit of drama - but we closed. Done. We are no longer condo owners. This comes with both happiness and sadness, but on to bigger and better things!

Success #3: Debra and I completed a 13 mile training walk this past weekend. We walked to my sister's house this time, where we arrived to cheers and a delish lunch. Anyone want to host us another day? Who lives approximately 16 miles away from us...
Success #4: We had a very fun birthday weekend for both my sister and Jeremy. We were able to celebrate with friends, with each other, with Dad's for Father's day...celebrations abound!

Tonight - the actual birthday. Chill celebration just the two of us.

Success/Failure #5: My first Kettlebells class and I think my abs may fall out of my body today. Literally fall out. Guess it was a good workout. Woops, abs just fell out of my body. I hurt.

Success #6: I have inadvertently converted my husband into a workout clothing fanatic along with me. He asked to go to Lululemon to look at their men's stuff, and fell in love. Well as much as any man ever falls in love with clothing I guess. I have created another monster.

Success #7: I received my first week of my farm share! This year we signed up for a farm share, so every Friday I pick up a box of fresh fruits and veggies that were ready that week. Each week it is filled with different things, and each week, it contains the most local, freshest produce. Stacy is convinced that they go to Cub Foods and buy the stuff and stick it in a box, and that it is all a scam - but I disagree. It smells amazing and I am excited to figure out how to cook some of it. And no Stacy...there will be no Chiquita Bananas in my farm share.

Success!!! Anyone else have a success this week?? Share in the comments section!


Anonymous said...

YAY Congrats Stacy! And Happy Bday to your sis and your mister!

Robyn said...

I had my wonderful sister and her/our friend Debra over for lunch. I also had my family and Jason's family over on Sunday. Sadly I was not able to successfully take a picture with my eyes open. I'll have to try harder next time...

Nicole said...

You will love Farm Share. I do something similar and I swear, it is the best tasting produce I've ever had!

Greta said...

Ooo!!! I want to host you and Debra for far are you walking the weekend of July 10th?