Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We're back!!!

Okay, since I fully recognize that none of you care about our trip to Italy, but I clearly feel inclined to share, I will find a happy medium. I will share with you a few, selected stories from our trip.

The first was just a day into our trip. We started our journey in Florence, Italy. We stayed in a wonderful hotel that was recommended by our friend Rachel. The location was amazing, the room, fantastic, and most importantly, the soap smelled nice.

Evening Day 1: Jeremy showers, gets out, changes. Kara showers, gets out, begins to brush her hair. The phone rings.
Caller: "Mr. Frank, Mr. Frank, are you okay?"
Mr. Frank(aka Jeremy): "Uh, yea, thanks for asking"
Caller: "We were just alerted that someone pulled the emergency cord in the shower, do you need immediate assistance" 
Mr. Frank "pause, pause..Uh no. She's fine. Thanks (in a very stern voice)"

Kara: "Who was that?"
Mr. Frank: "Kara, did you pull the emergency cord in the shower?"
Kara: "Emergency cord? No, I pulled the red handled string a bunch of times, but the light would not turn on."
Mr. Frank: "Kara..that is not a light. That is a help button. They just called to see if you were dead in the shower"
Kara: "Whoops!"

I guess cords in the shower in Italy mean HELP. In America, we only have help buttons in the shower of nursing homes. It's really not my fault.

We also really enjoyed the Gelato in Italy. Really enjoyed it. I am starting a campaign to convince my parents to take a trip there. I seriously cannot believe my mom has not been. If you know my mom, you know that her entire freezer is packed with an average of 9 types of ice cream at all times. Some people have freezers full of things like...chicken, not her, frozen veggies, nah. Ice cream in every flavor, cool whip and gigantic bags of chocolate chips? YES

Please help me with my campaign. Bring Beth to Italy. I can be quite convincing though. And the photos of Gelato that follow may just do the trick. If not, my second weapon, convince my dad. And he's an easy sell. He will drive her nuts until they go!

Convinced yet mom?


Robyn said...

I'm in for the plan to get Mom to Italy for the Gelato. There's a Gelato stand every 20 feet. It's Mom's idea of heaven. Dad... thoughts....

Debra Fiterman said...

I don't know about your mom, but I am convinced.

Tour Italy said...

Gelato! When we talk of Italy, we talk of gelato!