Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Birthday place

This past weekend we celebrated a friend's birthday at the Birthday Place. Otherwise known as Benihana. Now I have been a longtime lover of Benihana's sushi, but rarely, if ever, do I venture over to the tepanyaki side of the room. I curse it's strong, illusive smell, and I painstakingly change into washable clothing when I venture over for my beloved Benihana sushi. Therefore, it takes a very special friend to get me over to the smelly side, the odoriferous fried onions and chicken on the massive grill.

I find it funny every time. I cook dinner every night, but Jeremy does not stand next to me, laughing and clapping when I demonstrate my fancy knife skills with a head of broccoli. He does not cheer when I saute a chicken breast. There are no roars of laughter when I burn a potato.

But, at benihana, we laugh wildly as they form our rice into a heart, and then make it beat, and turn an onion into a volcano. I might need to try that method at home.
Hey Jer, look at my mean tofu sauteing skills. Take that frypan.

I love Benihana for the aforementioned sushi, and for it's fun glasses. Rachel appreciates the glasses too. She chose to order her drink in a cat mug. Yes, a cat mug.
But her cat mug did not last for long, and Rachel was sad.
But where else could she have chosen to have her beverage served inside a porcelain cat? I can think of no place other than Benihana.

Benihana, where they chant "Happy Birthday to You" in voices so high it sounds like someone stepped on their toes.
Benihana, cooking at home does not garner such a scent, but here, one must shower upon exit.
Benihana, land of bizarrely shaped drinking vessels.
Benihana, place of celebration - weather it is a Birthday, graduation, engagement or baby, we rejoice over a hot stove and a man cooking before us.
Benihana, you may not believe me, but some damn good sushi.

And so we celebrated Cooper's birthday, over a hot stove, a cat mug, and a very tardy tennis coach who joined us for dinner. (see...my posts on Tennis Lessons)  Yes, Mr. Tennis coach also joined us for dinner.

Happy Birthday Coop!


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Sam Rosen said...

Was it ironic or foreshadowing that you wrote a post over a year ago about the tennis coach and impatience?

Kara Frank said...

hahah - very true. And how that impatience reared it's ugly head this time too in reference to Mr. Tennis