Thursday, July 22, 2010

Can we move in yet?

We could even wait until next week, the house should be ready, right?

But's coming along well!!! It's only been 2 weeks and they've really done a lot.

Much to my husband's chagrin, I decided to email the builder yesterday and ask if they had, what I called, "A general timeline". Ya know, like, can we move in next week, or next March. Seems reasonable right!?

This girl is living in a 550 square foot apartment building with one toilet, and a hallway that apparently only needs to be cleaned once per month. Not to be graphic, but a dog had a #2 accident in the stairwell last week, and it too 5 days for someone to clean it up. Now I am not speaking out of my behind, because this is essentially what I do for a living, just not for apartments, for commercial buildings. And if there was dog poo in the hallway of a building for 5 days, I would be fired. And I should be fired. Yuck.


Scorpicon said...

Those are fun shots of the progress! I want a mid-construction tour. :-)

Also, that's a totally disgusting story about the dog poo. I'm sorry to hear that. Did you talk to anyone about it?

Robyn said...

Can you post some of the video too?? Maybe your blog IT specialist can help. Alex... hint, hint.