Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Just keep walking..walking...walking

And we're still walking...every weekend! This past weekend was a 17 mile walk. To be perfectly honest, neither of us was in the mood for it, and would have made up most any reasonable excuse to get out of it. But alas, neither of us came up with anything remotely reasonable. I was banking on Debra's blisters getting in the way, but no, she toughed it out. So after complaining to our respective spouses about the upcoming walk, they developed a plan. We did not have a "Walking location sponsor" this week, so they would create a route and scavenger hunt along the way. 

Jeremy is more of an idea generator type person, an excellent manager, an outstanding visionary. And thankfully, Alex is exceptional at execution. So, Jeremy came up with the fabulous plan, and Alex made it happen. He created a little map book with clues and hints along the way. The theme was 'Coffee Shops' and we were given clues as we went and we had to identify different locations.

When you have a 5-6 hour walk ahead of you, the prospect of entertainment along the way is rather wonderful. Photos of our journey:

The Book of Clues (at 6:30am on Saturday)

We chose to forge the river after the Oregon Trail Clues in our book
                                                   (forged into St. Paul)
And we're done!!! Black dog cafe in St. Paul was our final stop at our 17th mile! 
(Clue was: You can hear me at night, but you cannot see me)
Clearly we were a little excited to have an activity along the way. It was about 150 degrees outside with approximately 99% humidity and we were not really caring about the boobs that morning. But they turned our frowns upside down. Thanks boys!

See that big smile on Debra's face? Well it lasted for about 2 more minutes until she began to feel nauseous. The boys took us to Tropical Smoothie (a favorite lunch spot in Naples, where Debra's parents have a home) in some really freaking far suburb of Minneapolis, and then Debra began to hurl. I mean, what would a walking blog be without totally embarrassing her?! Yes, Miss. Debra began to spend the lunch portion of the program in the bathroom tossing her cookies. I can laugh because she was fine again in like 2 hours. Anyone want to walk with us!? Huh, huh??

Now any takers for next week's scavengar hunt?! We have a 19 mile walk this weekend. Entertainment or a goal certainly helps. We are getting very close to the walk weekend (August 20-22) and absolutely appreciate the support.

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