Friday, July 30, 2010


This past Wednesday I arrived home to our apartment a bit earlier than usual, around 5:00pm, as I had played in a golf tournament that day. When I arrived, I saw that our dog walker's truck was outside. Strange, he is supposed to be there around noon, not 5:00pm! I was annoyed, and texted Jeremy that this was just crazy, and I was so annoyed. I walked up to our apartment, and assumed he had just let her out and was on his way out.

I arrived at the apartment, and did as I always do, I took out my gym clothes, and started to change. As I was standing in the middle of our apartment, totally naked, standing in the living room (which is also the kitchen, dining room, closet and family room), I heard the lock turn.

I think to myself: I just talked to Jeremy, so it is certainly not him. CRAP. It is the dog walker. 

And there I stand, frozen, paralyzed, naked in the kitchen/family room/closet/dining room that is our studio apartment.

He walks in and I scream. DON'T COME IN HERE. 

And then I think, well maybe that was a little strong. 

Uh, uh, hold on, I state. The only covering I can find is a garment bag with a new dress I just ordered. I wrap myself in the garment bag and begin running around the apartment trying to find clothes, while wrapped in a garment bag.

Uh, uh, one more second. Just wait there. Uh, uh. 

I manage to find some clothes and push the dog towards him.

Uh buddy, try to come on time next time. We live in a studio apartment. Thanks.

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SmileyDi said...

This is so hilarious. Kara you are so funny and witty. I am so glad we met and now I can follow your blog. You have a gift to share. :-)