Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dr. and Dr. Frank

This week Jeremy and I had to perform surgery. Surgery on a fused limb.

You see, my kind husband ran the dishwasher, but accidentally committed a cardinal dishwashing sin. He put the water bottle cap on the lower rack of the dishwasher. And well, we all know what can happen then. Well we really don't, but you know, they tell you to put it on the top.

Well now we know. And I'm telling you, keep those water bottle caps on the top shelf.

Or this could happen to you.
Yes, the water bottle cap melted, as one would expect. But then, as the dishwasher cooled off, the cap then fused again around the heating element of the dishwasher, creating a perfect rhombus around the coil.


Yes, the hard plastic water bottle cap had formed a circle around this heating coil, and was now cooled, and clinging to it for life.

So we grabbed the fancy Wusthof knives we got for our wedding to try to saw it out. Didn't work. This is your serious, BPA free, hard plastic lid. So then we tried scissors. And of course, my trusty hair dryer, which worked so well for me with the Butter Melting incident. Nope, not hot enough.

So, we did what anyone would do. We called Jay (my dad). Ya know, he must be handier than us, I'm sure he can fix it. Please note, if you do not know Jay, he is a wonderful man, who really, really tries to fix things, but most of the times ends up swearing, screaming atop a ladder, and then calling a handyman to fix it. We are not handy people.

But this time - he knew just what to do.
"Read me the settings on your dishwasher, Jeremy" he states
"Well Jay, this is a pretty simple dishwasher. It just says, light wash, heavy wash...and....oh wait...PLATE WARMER" Jeremy responds
"That's it!!" We all shout in unison (Jay and Beth on speaker phone, Jeremy and Kara staring at the dishwasher)

So we turn the dishwasher on to "Plate Warmer" to re-melt this sucker off of the coil to which it has leached itself.

And presto. Some smoke and melted plastic later. We have freed the bottle cap. And then disposed of it. And then took the trash out because we were sure the melted plastic smell would give us cancer.

Guess I need a new water bottle.

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