Monday, August 2, 2010

It never ends...

The oddities of my life never end. I'm not sure if I just attract strange situations, or if everyone does, and it's a matter of recognizing them, and learning to laugh at them. But I like to think I do attract more than the average amount of strange life situations.

Case in point.

As if it was not strange enough to have your dog walker walk into your studio apartment to find you naked, and then wrapped in a garment bag...then Friday happened.

I woke up early to go a 6:30am yoga class as I so often do. I arrived at approximately 6:12am and found the rear door locked. There was another girl back there with me and we looked at each other quizzically and decided to walk around to the front door. We walked in the vestibule of the front door and found about 15 people standing in there. Apparently, the teacher had not yet arrived. This was particularly strange as there were supposed to be 2 different 6:30am classes, but still, no Yogi.

We waited.

As everyone else sat around like lumps on a log, I decided to take charge and begin calling the other Yoga studios and see if they had phone numbers for our teachers. Someone had to do something. But still, I could not reach any of the studios, they were happily enjoying their morning yoga already, as we stood in the 110 degree heat of the vestibule, tired, dressed in yoga clothes, and not feeling very zen like.

At about 6:35am there was still no teacher to be found. I stood with 4 other women, and we all decided that we could wait no longer. If there was to be no yoga class, then we would need to get home so we could shower and go to work (typically we shower there, after yoga, then go to work). 2 of the girls lived in uptown, there was me, who lives in a shoebox downtown, and then the last lady told us she lived in Blaine, but worked in the IDS tower downtown Minneapolis (where we were).

I'm not sure if it was the 6am delirium, or if I was really being kind, but I looked at her and said, "Why don't you come home with me and shower, I live downtown".
I had seen this woman get out of her car earlier, and noted that she drove quite a pricey BMW. I made the quick judgment call that ax murderers don't drive new BMW's. And they probably don't go to yoga. But maybe they should. Maybe then they wouldn't be ax murderers.

The woman looked at me, and said, "Really, could I?"
"Sure" I responded, still a bit unaware of the fact that I had just invited a lady over to shower in my shoebox apartment.

So I told her to follow me in her car, we would both park outside, and she could follow me in. I quickly called Jeremy and said the following, now infamous words;
"Uh, Jeremy, I am on my way home, and I'm bringing a lady to shower"

His reply was nothing but complete, hysteric laughter.  And something along the lines of me being the most unique person he knows.

And so she followed me home. And we walked inside, I gave her clean towels to use, and said to use whatever shampoo she wanted.

She went into bathroom and showered, please keep in mind we have a studio apartment, so there is really nowhere for me to go except to sit on the couch and wait for the lady to emerge from the bathroom. She gets out, dresses, and then says; "Oh, by the way, my name is Nancy".

"Oh yes, yes, my name is Kara"

Apparently somewhere between me absent yoga teacher and me inviting her over to shower, we forgot to introduce ourselves.

And so she got ready for work, and left. Oh the lady who came over to shower.

Seriously, does this stuff happen to anyone else?

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Anonymous said...

I am so happy you Blog. My day just wouldn't be as funny without these hysterical stories! Strange stuff happens to everyone but I definitely think you attract it more than average!