Thursday, August 5, 2010

Look out Tiger

Yesterday I had another golf tournament for work. These golf tournaments, which are oh-so common in real estate, are funny to me. Somewhere, someone decided that golf would be the sport of business.

It could have been football, which seems a much more appropriate way to de-stress from the daily know..go run into some big guy with pads.

It could have been tennis, a sport which allows for cute clothing and some skill.

They could have chosen soccer, a good team building sport.

But no, golf was chosen. The one solitary, frustrating sport, that requires just as much luck as skill.

And so we golf. And while I am not the worst golfer in the world, I am certainly no Tiger, and thus I start every game out by informing my team that my primary goal is to have fun. And if they don't like that, they can find another team.

And yesterday's golf tournament did not disappoint. While I played likely my worst round of golf ever, I had fun. Goal achieved.

And at the end of the day comes there ceremonial prizes from the tourney sponsor. Prizes typically include things like golf shirts, gift certificates, putters, and a few big prizes like ipods or twins tickets.

or this one....
Bamboo shoots and a strange bag. Do you get it?? I don't get it. It was wrapped up in nice wrapping paper with a ribbon, so this poor unsuspecting girl thought she was the winner of some fabulous prize. And then she gets bamboo shoots. Really?

Hope she likes stir fry.

I might consider starting a new trend. Maybe like biking as the new sport of business. Might as well get a workout while you are networking. And who gets frustrated while biking?  Biking, the new sport of business.


Nicole said...

You can wear cute clothes while golfing! :) Loved your attitude approach to it though-that's the way to be!

Scorpicon said...

That bag is amazing. I have no idea what's with the bamboo. I guess make stir fry and share with friends?