Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My husband is a saint

You see, the problem with buying a house, and not moving into it for 10 months is that you want to nest, but you can't nest, but you can't fight off the urges to make a pretty home, but in reality, at the exact moment, you have quite an ugly home.

So...I try to nest. Up until this point it just involved baking things and sending it to work with Jeremy, or my own workplace. Now, it has moved into full blown nesting behaviors. I am like a creature of the wild, something to be studied by scientists.

I have been trying to buy patio furniture. We won't even have a patio right away when we move in, not to mention we will likely be moving in November, when patios are not so comfy in Minnesota.

Then I moved on to dining room tables and chairs. So we bought a table, but no chairs.

I went through a "formal living room" phase, of needing a couch for that room. Did not yet purchase one.

And now I am on to the "guest bedroom" need. I tried to buy a bed for the guest bedroom, but have not found one suitable for this lovely little room yet. However, I have the PERFECT bedding!

Poor Jeremy. I called him at work yesterday fevered, because would not accept our employee discount to order the perfect Dwell Design bedding online for the guest bedroom. I needed help. I needed him to order this duvet immediately. And it couldn't even wait until after work. For a home we will not move into for another 3 months. And he dutifully did it. He ordered my duvet.

And then today, I had to run to some crazy target over lunch to find the last 3 pillows that matched the duvet, for the guest bedroom I won't have for 3 more months.

But guests, you will be very comfortable in 3 months with this lovely bedding. I promise.

Seriously, it is a problem! What is a girl to do when she wants to make a lovely home, but lives in a shoebox?

And so, I buy bedding.

And, I'm trying to convince my assistant to let me plan her wedding for her. If I cannot funnel my energies into making a lovely home, the least I can do is force my nervous energy on someone else's wedding. Right? Anyone need my help with mindless creative tasks? A baby room to decorate? A dorm room that needs to be furnished? Seriously, I will even tackle a nursing home lobby. I need an outlet for this energy, and it probably should not be in the form of duvets for a home I cannot yet live in.


Scorpicon said...

Try a dollhouse. They take up very little room and you can fully furnish them. Also, they make great family heirlooms.

Robyn said...

Uh Kara didn't play with dolls when she was little. She was strictly a little people and legos kind of girl. Maybe Alexis needs help with her dorm room?

Greta Hanson said...

Ooooo! Ooo! You can come create a decorating motif for our basement and guest room. Literally it sits at the back of my brain and gnaws at me constantly because I just can't make up my mind with what I want to do...

Kara Frank said...

I seriously will!