Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Some pick-me-up needed

So I'm having a hard day. And then to top it off, I backed into a tree. And smashed my tail light. And what brings me back to earth when I want to hide under the covers? A good friend. A coworker who gave me a hug. A friend who laughed with/at me.

So now, stolen from another blog....some fun quotes and the wonderful friends who come to mind with each...  Don't be sad if you are not one of these, they're weird quotes. So maybe the ones who I thought of are my weird friends :-) XO  Thanks for bringing me back to earth everyone!

Jen D.

Stacy V.

Debra F. (well dance, dance revolution at least)

Rachel R.

Kelsie K.
Lindsay R. 

Tovah H.

Melissa D.



Debra Fiterman said...

voracious reader and incredible dander, huh?? Well...i'll take it!

Rachel Rosen said...

mmmmm....I'm hungry :-)