Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We did it!

 (yes, those are bikers with bras on their heads)

60 miles, every single mile, we did it!

Debra and I completed the breast cancer 3 day this weekend, and it was a rousing success. Well if you call Debra's gross blood blisters, sleeping in a tent, and walking for cancer a success. Then yes, a success!

The very first day Debra and I met some friends. We were walking through the sculpture garden, and to pass the time, we were trying to give non-native Minneapolis peeps a tour of town as we walked.
"And on our left here, is the Basilica of St. Mary's. This is the first basilica in the United States." I state
The mother/daughter team I was talking to gave me a glazed over look, and, suspecting they didn't care for the same reason I didn't really care...I said...
"Well, I mean, not that we care, since we are Jewish"
"US too! We are too! We had no idea there were Jews in Minnesota!" They shouted
And thus began a wonderful friendship. Based on the revelation that there are Jews in Minnesota. Not just cows. Cows and Protestants. Cows, Protestants, and corn.

We spent most of the next 50 miles walking with Bev and Ali, our new friends. Learning about their lives, the intricacies of families, and realizing that across the country lives people whose lives seem to mirror your own. 

The first night, the amazing Weinblatt/Miller/Fitermans came out to our campground and brought us dinner. It was a great opportunity to hang out with our family, and avoid some scary looking 'steak' for dinner back at camp. We dined on the ground beside a tennis court. Interrupting dinner a few times with a tennis ball flung into our dinner.   We feasted on pizza and pasta, cookies, cupcakes and brownies. This family knows how to feed. 

The second night, Debra, always the strategist, had an idea. After being outside in sweltering heat for 36 hours, sleeping in sweltering heat, showering inside a truck in sweltering heat...we remembered that we were both married/engaged. And so we should call in for backup. Time for the spouses.

The boys would take us out to dinner! In an air conditioned car. To an air conditioned restaurant!

And so they did! And we brought our new friends, Bev and Ali along with. We could not introduce them to the Twin Cities with rubbery chicken at a campground. We had to show them the finer points of Minneapolis. It was really a selfless act. We had to show them a good time, that's why we had to go out for dinner.

It is miraculous what a little air conditioning will do for the soul. We came back to camp ready to sleep another night on the ground, and take another shower in a truck. And then finish it off with the final 17.5 miles.

So a sign that the summer is coming to a close...the 3 day is done. And I'm sure I will get suckered into walking again next year. Because of signs like the following, posted all along the walking route: "Hey Cancer, you've messed with the wrong bitches". Yes that's right, cancer has messed with the wrong bitches, and we are sick and tired of it.

So we will continue to walk. And sleep outside. And make new friends, who are also pissed off at cancer. So if anyone reading this blog is a scientist (unlikely), please find a cure. I hate camping, but I hate cancer more.


Anonymous said...

That's so amazing Kara! Good job and Congrats! :o)

Debra Fiterman said...

This blog entry seriously just made me so one i'd rather walk with! xo