Thursday, September 30, 2010


It seriously sucks to have a conscience. You know those little things that bug you because they're just not right, and then you want to fix them, because that's the right thing to do, but then it bites you in the butt? Because it always bites you in the butt. People say the karma will come back and return good things to you, but I've only experienced the tush biting kind.

Take for example....

Some months after living in the shoebox we noticed that it appeared that nobody was taking care of the building anymore. Shortly thereafter we got a notice saying, "XYZ company no longer owns or manages this building anymore".   There was no mention of who might own or manage it now, just simply that they did not. Deal with it.  About a week or so later we get a letter saying, "ABC company now owns and manages this building."  Great, lovely.

We continued to pay our rent in this interim period, and paid the amount that XYZ company had charged. Then all of a sudden, one day we get a letter from ABC company saying we are paying too much, and have all these credits.

Well, first, I agree with them. We are paying too much. We are paying a ridiculous amount of money to live in a shoebox. But I assumed they must be mistaken, because who in their right mind goes to an existing tenant and just says, "Well...I think you are paying too much, and you're just so darn nice, we'll lower your rent".

I work in property management, that doesn't happen.  So, I paid the lower amount. And then my conscience got the better of me, and after a few months, I emailed the new management. I told them I didn't think I was paying the correct amount, and that they should be billing me more. WHY DID I DO THIS? I have no freaking clue. I blame my mother, aunt, uncle and grandfather, who for years have worked in the apartment business and have dealt with tenants who do not pay their rent and are dishonest. I thought I would be that one good soul who would speak up.

And how did they respond to my kind and honest note? Did they reward me for my honesty and shower me with praise and gifts? Nope, they responded to say, yes, I was correct, and that they did not realize until I blew the whistle that they were not charging anyone in the building for their pet rent, and nobody else said anything but me. And then asked if I could please drop off another check for the  additional amount. Sorry fellow tenants of the shoebox! We're all  back to paying more dough because I have a freaking conscience. Please accept my apologies.

And then how was I repaid after that? I pick up my mail, and open a letter from Comcast stating that they just did an audit of their accounting systems and realized they have been undercharging us for cable.

Are you kidding me? This is like some dumb joke or something. I blew the whistle, and now everyone is charging me more?   Random fluke....or cosmic disapproval of my honest actions?

I wish I could lie. How easy life would be.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Rub a dub, dub, 10 puppies in a tub


Just wait...there's more...

And in case you are not melting yet....

I mean honestly, those faces are just ridiculous!!! I would take every single one if I could. And you know that's not a lie. But I can't. These puppies belong to a friend of mine, who bred her two English Bulldogs. The parents are great dogs, and they puppies have been raised with lots of TLC. you want one??? Let me know if you, or someone you know is interested, they are up for adoption and will be ready for new homes mid October!  Could you just die, they're too cute??!! And such wonderful dogs!

So not a half bad weekend...I got to play with baby bulldogs, what could be bad about that!?  Pretty darn sweet. And then we picked some apples with my parents. Lots of apples.
It always seems like such a good idea to go..and pick apples. And you need to buy the big huge pick your own apples bag. You have to pick a lot. You can't get that small wimpy bag, if you're there to pick apples, you're going to pick some serious apples. And in my case, I even filled my purse. Yes, that's right, if I'm going to pay $20 for a plastic bag in which to fill with apples that you have not even removed from the tree for me, I'm going to fill the Cole Haan purse with a few more apples dangit.

And then you go to the gift shop, maybe buy some apple paraphernalia, ya know, an apple corer (because you can't find that at Target for 1/8 the price), and a frozen, unbaked apple pie (which will promptly sit in your freezer for 2 years), and a soup mix (which looked so good you had to buy it, but you will never actually make).

And you drive home, tired, but happy with your pickings. An entire car full of apples, apple paraphernalia, and hay stuck to your behind from the hay ride.

And as you drive you think of how happy are that you have all of those apples.

And you imagine all of the apple things you will bake. And the apples you will have with your meals.

And then you arrive home to remove said apples from your car and realize. WTF. Why did I just buy 50 pounds of apples, and what the hell am I going to do with all of them. In our case, since we live in a shoebox, they actually did not even fit into the refrigerator. So, an entire bag is still sitting in my car.

Car full of apples. But I will enjoy them. And likely will be baking up an apple storm this evening.

If you want puppies or apples, give me a holler.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Life Chaos

I apologize for my total lack of blogging lately, life has been a bit chaotic. Clearly life was chaotic when we were about to get married, but I managed to find time to write. Maybe it's been a lack of inspiration, no, that's not it, inspiration abounds....


I could have told you about the massive lump I had removed from my shoulder. I have disgusting photos from the surgeon. Want to see? Vote! If I get enough comments, I'll post it. Debra thinks I's more cool than gross. But maybe that's just me. It's called a lipoma, or a fatty tumor, that grows for unknown reasons. haha - I know you all wanted to know about that! They say they can grow from previous injuries, and that is a likely cause for me as I tend to lots of athletic things, poorly, and harm myself.

I could have told you about the past week at work - chaos mixed with chaos. On Wednesday night I was charged with sewing two checkered flags for my boss, who had to give a speech the next day for an event we were hosting. He thought the flags would aid him in his speech, and thus, I spent the evening sewing two flags, by hand, because I live in a shoebox and my sewing machine is packed up who the hell knows where.
Yep, those are the flags I made. I'm a pretty excellent flag maker.

I could tell you about everything I have learned about low voltage in homes, and security systems. Yea, no, I probably would not have bothered telling you that because it was even boring to write. Poor Jeremy, I think if he hears the words 'low voltage' again he might implode.

That's about all I could have shared, and look, I just shared it all! woo - hoo.   I am pretty darn excited for the weekend. It's been a long week. 

So let me know if you want to see the pictures of the lump. I swear it's cool. Come on...don't ya wanna see it!? 

Monday, September 20, 2010

Weddings galore

We have had a wedding filled summer....this weekend was our 3rd wedding weekend in a row. We feel very blessed to have friends who are reaching this stage in their lives and who have included us in the event, however my feet don't feel as blessed for the shoes required for said events. Can someone just have a shoeless beach wedding soon? That sounds lovely.

This past weekend the lovely bride was my assistant at work, Amie. Look at how beautiful she is! I just have to brag....she's pretty phenomenal.
I know they're really bad, iphone pictures, but you get the idea. She was a beautiful bride...and she had delish cupcakes...the night before Yom Kippur....which Jeremy and I were quite excited to eat. You know, build up some sugar before the fast.

Congratulations Josh and Amie!

Oh....and here's a quick pic of our new's coming along well!
With a bit of luck, we should be in by the end of November. Fingers crossed everyone. I seriously cannot wait to move. I am already starting to pack. No lie.

Friday, September 17, 2010

I couldn't wrong Kristin....

How I have attempted to wear the shirt today... (if confused, read blog post below)

This week in review

The Jewish holidays are upon us, last week we celebrated the Jewish New Year, and this Saturday is Yom Kippur, the day of repentance. We sit and reflect upon the sins of the past year, those whom we have wronged, and asked for forgiveness. So since this is my public forum, please accept my apologies. I'm sorry if I have wronged you, please accept my forgiveness. But really, I hope I haven't 'wronged' anyone. That's just not really my style, but if I have, I am sorry.

So, in preparation for the day of repentance, when you fast all freaking day long, we have to prepare the breaking of the fast meal. My family does not do the light dinner thing, we do the, 'lots of delicious food because we haven't flippin' eaten all day' meal. This past week, my mom, auntie, sister and I decided to make knishes for said meal. In our typical inability to estimate proportions, we bought way too much knish wrapping dough. (my grandma Ida used to make the dough from scratch back in the day...yea, we don't so much do that.) So....what do you do with too much filo dough and not enough potatoes?

Dessert Knishes. Chocolate chips, peanut butter, coconut, jam...ya know..the way knishes were meant to be.  There's a pretty good chance that dessert knishes are going to become a new Weinblatt/Goldman/Miller/Frank/Bass family tradition.

If you're looking for a dessert knish, they'll be at our break the fast. At like 3:00. Because otherwise I will waste away and die from fasting all day. Sudden an immediate death upon fasting. In Weight Watchers there is this whole lesson about how, "hunger is not an emergency". I could not possibly disagree more.

This past weekend, Jeremy and I attended a wedding for a friend of mine. It was a 2:00 wedding in St. Paul, and a 5:00 reception in Mendota Heights. Our friends Debra and Alex also had another wedding in St. Paul at 2:00 and a reception at 5:00. None of us knew anyone else at our respective weddings, and thus we were puzzled as to what we should do in the interim 2 hours. Once we realized we had the same conundrum...we decided, clearly, we should meet each other at Cafe Latte(a local bakery) in between. While the other guests visited local bars...we visited a local bakery.

We sat...ate...compared different wedding notes...decided we would take pictures of different things at our respective wedding receptions and compare notes via picture text...and then decided to wander around Grand Avenue shopping district.

We walked into a local boutique and I picked up a black and grey stripped cardigan and tried to put it on. The sales woman saw me struggling and walked over to help. You see, this was not just any cardigan, it was a complicated cardigan. There were several ways to wrap it up, tie it around, and flip it around, so it could be worn in SO many ways. Debra extolled its beauty, Jeremy looked at me quizzically, and Alex buried his head in his cell phone.

Unbeknowst to me, Jeremy then turned to Debra and said, "She is going to buy this shirt, she will talk about how much she loves it all day, and then she will go to put it on next week, and will have no idea how to put it on. She is not paying a bit of attention."

Well as turns out, I took it out of the bag this morning to put it on, excitedly approaching my brand new shirt...and had no freaking idea how to put it on. I googled, and googled, but could not find instructions for shirt application. Not wanting to prove Jeremy correct, I wrapped myself all up in this shirt, and marched off to work. It is quite possible I look like a total dork right now. I have it somehow twisted around my neck. Anyone want to come to my office and tell me how to put this thing on? That would be peachy.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things...

So I'm not that type of blogger that is like, "Hey, I'm an expert on this topic that I just learned about yesterday, so listen to me blab on about nothingness like an expert". I'm much more the, "Let me blab on about nothingness, because I am an expert on nothing, but sometimes my life takes strange turns, and maybe you can get some enjoyment out of it". BUT...when I do like something, I figure I should share. Where better than my blog, my totally selfish, public journal of randomness, to share some of the things I like.

And if you don't care, hit that little red X button in the top right-hand corner. But sad, hope you don't do that.

So here it is...a list of things I am liking right now:

1. This place called  It is essentially an online store of EVERYTHING you could ever imagine. We purchased half of the light fixtures for our home on there, mats for under my exercise equipment, modern furniture, traditional furniture...seriously, everything you could ever imagine, with free shipping, and about 25% less than I could find anywhere else. I love it. I don't totally understand it, I think it might be run by the mob, everything is so reasonable, and the same brands that you find elsewhere. But I LOVE (Jeremy maybe doesn't love it as much...when he looks at the credit card bill)

2. When I was in the wedding planning was to me, what is now. It was my resource for all things wedding related. I got my save the dates, place cards, veil, jewlery...all kinds of stuff on etsy. Now I love it for artwork, jewelry, random things that again...Jeremy probably wishes I didn't buy. But seriously, I love etsy.

3. Hooded sweatshirts and Fall. They are a pretty rocking combination. And I have a slight obsession with hoodies. I love them. I love that it is hoodie weather. I am a happy girl. Sorry, that one is not so useful, but I love them and felt like sharing.

4. The website for totally delicious, totally unhealthy baked good recipes. It rocks. Make the recipes, then feed them to others. Or eat them, and then go for a run. But they're awesome.

...and I interrupt this regular blog post for a phone call I just received. One of my tenants just called, to inform me that she is selling her business to a "Crazy Guy" as she called him. English is not her primary language and she is incredibly hard to understand. She informed me that she would be coming to my office in 10 minutes, because the, "Crazy Guy" just had to see my office. Really? And so they came, 4 of them. So he could see my office. Really??? Am I on candid camera?

Okay, back to the regularly scheduled program
5. I like this totally awesome blog,   You should totally read it.

6. That's all I've got for right now. I'll share more if I think of them. Sorry I don't have a 7, 8, 9 or 10. But you probably don't mind that at all. Since I am an expert at nothing.

Have a good week!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy New Year!

If you're Jewish. And if you're not. Then you've still got 4 months to go. Sorry. We'll enjoy our apples and honey and celebrate. And then celebrate again in 4 months.

We celebrated in our traditional way, eating way to much food, going to bed, getting up early and going to services. Where seemingly every single person was completely engaged in the service, and it felt like knives were holding me down to the pews. I went through the 25 Bar Mitzvah programs and kippot in my brother in law's tallis bag. I drove Jeremy nuts poking him, and playing with his hair. I think my aunt was sick and tired of me staring around at every single person in the room, except for the big guy up front. Woops. I have ADD. It's bad. Thus I chose my profession accordingly.

Some people hate to workout, and I often think that sitting in a chair and focusing must feel to me, like working out does to them. Complete torture. Painful every single minute. I used to sit there and stare around thinking that there must be one day, when you are officially old, and you are able to sit still and listen to a service. And in my head, the current age must have come and gone by this point in my life, but alas, I am still no more able to sit there and listen than I was at age 8. Nope, not an ounce more patience.

The house is coming along great - the horrible green siding is officially gone. I hate green. I don't even eat green skittles. Therefore, I could not be more thrilled that the green siding is gone.Green, GONE!  I will post more pictures next week, I have been a bit photographically negligent.

Busy weekend ahead....babysitting my "nephew Hank" (my best friend's son) for the day tomorrow, and then a good friend's wedding at night. Hank is going to come dining room chair shopping with us. I'm sure at 12 weeks old, he will be very helpful in the chair selection process.

Sorry...boring post...nothing terribly exciting going on. Apples and honey were eaten. House is getting built. Green is gone. Baby will be sat.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Weekend Recap

Well this was an exciting Labor Day weekend. Parking Cars. Yes, that's right. Parking Cars. Jeremy and I spent our Labor Day weekend at my parking lot across from the State Fair, collecting money from state fair goers for parking. I know, you're all jealous. Maybe someday, you will be cool enough to spend your holiday weekend hawking parking as well. But for now, the honor was left to the two of us.

And while parking said cars, we made several observations (via walkie talkie)
1. People who can afford to park at the State Fair, take the bus.
2. People who cannot afford to pay the ridiculous sum to park at the fair, drive and park.
3. People who drive foreign cars do not balk at the parking fee.
4. People who drive American cars, swear at you for charging so much, and then pay it.
5. People who drive Infinities swear at  you then turn around in your parking lot and leave. Refusing to pay that much to park, but then drive down the block to find that everyone else is charging the same amount. Yes, we are in cahoots.
6. There are some strange people in the world.
7. My favorite strange person of the weekend was a truck full of three people, an older man, a younger man, and a 20 something female. And then in the back of this old pickup, approximately 80,000 carrots. Not like bagged carrots, just the bed of the truck filled with just whole, un-bagged, unpeeled, just dug up carrots. And then they parked the truck, with the carrots, and left to visit the fair. Strange.
8. If you say 'please', people instantly like you better. For example...."It's $20" garners scowls, and often profanity Vs. "Twenty dollars please, sir...oh, and have fun at the fair!" and I usually get a dumbfounded driver, who then just stumbles to fork over an obscene amount of money to park. But does not swear.

I have never been so happy for the State Fair to be over in my life. Ever. Fortunately, we made it through the weekend without any catastrophic injuries, as opposed to last week.

Jeremy thinks he has a new career in car parking, I think it best he keeps his day job.

This week we celebrate the Jewish Holiday of Rosh Hashanah, or the Jewish New Year. We eat apples and honey, sit in services for an insane amount of time, and eat ridiculous amounts of food with our families. I am in charge of dessert for our family gathering and so I tested out a few traditional apple cake recipes this past weekend, in between waving that parking flag.

We decided on one mean apple cake. The recipe is below in case you are panicking, and don't know what to make for your dinner. Or if you are not Jewish and like apples, and cake. You will not be struck down for making said cake if you are not Jewish. But if you'd rather, I can make you one. Or if you work with will be eating them all week long.

Mom’s Apple Cake (It's not my mom...I found it online...someone online's mom)
6 apples, Mom uses McIntosh apples  (not my mom....but online lady's mom)
1 tablespoon cinnamon
5 tablespoons sugar
2 3/4 cups flour, sifted (I don't sift...too much work)
1 tablespoon baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
1 cup vegetable oil
2 cups sugar
1/4 cup orange juice
2 1/2 teaspoons vanilla
4 eggs
1 cup walnuts, chopped (optional)
Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease a tube pan (Bundt cake pan or angel food cake pan). Peel, core and chop apples into chunks. Toss with cinnamon and sugar and set aside.
Stir together flour, baking powder and salt in a large mixing bowl. In a separate bowl, whisk together oil, orange juice, sugar and vanilla. Mix wet ingredients into the dry ones, then add eggs, one at a time. Scrape down the bowl to ensure all ingredients are incorporated.
Pour half of batter into prepared pan. Spread half of apples over it. Pour the remaining batter over the apples and arrange the remaining apples on top. Bake for about 1 1/2 hours, or until a tester comes out clean.

Friday, September 3, 2010

and so it goes....

The week continues. And I wish I could say it has improved, but alas, not so much. Drama at the State Fair parking continues. I truly wish we could have taped a reality TV show there this past week. It truly amazes me to watch grown adults fight, and then expect their children to get along with everyone. It is human nature that people won't get along with everyone, but they do need to play nice. Golden rule, right? Apparently the golden rule does not apply to state fair parking workers.

And then two of them just quit. Quit on me, right then and there. Because they couldn't get along with each other.

And many embark on a relaxing weekend for Labor do I, embark on a weekend of flagging State Fair parkers. Should be a total blast. Can't wait. Note the sarcasm.

If you can't find me, I just may have escaped back to Vancouver.

On a less depressing note....look at this guy we found in the Vancouver airport...

It's my dad's Asian doppelganger!!!
<--- Man in the Airport                               <---- Dad                      

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I've been a bad blogger

I'm sorry...I appologize. You know it's bad when my husband, who rarely reads my blog unless someone else tells him to, tells me I need to blog.

I have so much to tell, so I will do it in list form. Because I have to get it off my shoulders. And that's what this blog is for. It's my public journal of all things ridiculous in my life.

Top Reasons Why I've Been a Bad Blogger These Past Weeks:
1. I am personally running a State Fair parking concession at one of the buildings I manage.
2. All the employees I have hired to park cars suck.
3. Holding a sign in front of your face and texting behind the sign, or taking a nap under a tree while on a shift is not flagging cars. The people I hired suck.
4. Parking cars is not hard.
5. Running a parking concession is hard.
6. People take life way too seriously. I probably don't take life seriously enough. This can cause problems.
7. I was swept away on a wonderful surprise birthday trip this past weekend by my awesome husband who informed me of our secret destination once I arrived at the airport.
8. We went to Vancouver, Canada. If you can't find me...I have run off and moved to Vancouver, Canada.
9. If you can't find my terrible State Fair parking workers, you may find them in Vancouver, Canada.
10. One of my state fair workers got electrocuted by a falling power pole.
11. He is alive. Burned but alive.
12. Some of my very favorite people in the world, Adam and Sally MOVED TO MINNESOTA.
13. Reason #12 makes me very happy
14. Have I mentioned we are building a house? It's coming along great. But we don't live there yet.
15. Have I mentioned we are currently living in a shoebox?

Ohh...ohh...I have to interrupt the regularly scheduled programming above for a story.

So we live in a shoebox. And I don't love it there. And there is one trash chute for the entire huge building. This sucks. It is at the oposite end of the building. I don't like carrying trash bags to the other end of the building. Soooooo...I do as I always did at the condo, and I bring it down to the parking garage and put it in the bins down there, or next to it, if it is full.   I pay a boatload of money for my studio apartment, if I put a bag of trash next to the full bins (full because they NEVER empty them), then I put a bag of trash there.

Well, I got a call last week from our building.
"Mrs. Frank?" they state
"Uh, yea, what do you want?" I reply, annoyed because our apartment is small. like this is their fault.
"Well, we've noticed that you have been putting your trash bags next to the bins, because we went through the trash bag, and you cannot do that anymore. You need to take them down to the end of the building and put them in the chute." she responds, quite curtely
Dumbfounded, I stumble and stutter, unable to retort with some smart ass response because I am so shocked.
"Uh yea, I'll do that...fine whatever"

You have got to be kidding me, from the management that left doggy doo in the stairs for 4 days, and dog pee in the elevator for 5 days....really? Yell at me because you don't empty the trash and there is no room? And disgusting, I am in real estate management, and the day I go through a tenant's trash to get their name....well it will be a cold day in you know where. Not happening.

okay...back to the list
16. I have been so busy because all of my time is now taken up by lugging the trash bags down to the proper trash chute I just haven't had time to blog.
17. It was my birthday on Monday!   I turned 27. It feels old to me. If you haven't sent me a congratulatory birthday email, it's not too late. I mean, you can even send me a Happy Birthday in November. I'll take it. I love my Birthday.
18. Big family dinner for my birthday. I have a cute family. They all came out to celebrate. That's a lie, they came for the cake. In my family it's all about he cake...biggest birthday question is, 'What kind of cake?, just one or 2?, regular and Ice Cream cake?, This bakery or that one?, White or Chocolate?'   Big decisions to be made for Birthday time.

Okay....if you are still reading then you are a saint. But those are my excuses for not blogging. I'm sorry. It won't happen again.

If you need a good laugh this weekend, you can find Jeremy and I flagging cars at the state fair in my parking lot. Oh yea, orange vest, flag and all.