Thursday, September 30, 2010


It seriously sucks to have a conscience. You know those little things that bug you because they're just not right, and then you want to fix them, because that's the right thing to do, but then it bites you in the butt? Because it always bites you in the butt. People say the karma will come back and return good things to you, but I've only experienced the tush biting kind.

Take for example....

Some months after living in the shoebox we noticed that it appeared that nobody was taking care of the building anymore. Shortly thereafter we got a notice saying, "XYZ company no longer owns or manages this building anymore".   There was no mention of who might own or manage it now, just simply that they did not. Deal with it.  About a week or so later we get a letter saying, "ABC company now owns and manages this building."  Great, lovely.

We continued to pay our rent in this interim period, and paid the amount that XYZ company had charged. Then all of a sudden, one day we get a letter from ABC company saying we are paying too much, and have all these credits.

Well, first, I agree with them. We are paying too much. We are paying a ridiculous amount of money to live in a shoebox. But I assumed they must be mistaken, because who in their right mind goes to an existing tenant and just says, "Well...I think you are paying too much, and you're just so darn nice, we'll lower your rent".

I work in property management, that doesn't happen.  So, I paid the lower amount. And then my conscience got the better of me, and after a few months, I emailed the new management. I told them I didn't think I was paying the correct amount, and that they should be billing me more. WHY DID I DO THIS? I have no freaking clue. I blame my mother, aunt, uncle and grandfather, who for years have worked in the apartment business and have dealt with tenants who do not pay their rent and are dishonest. I thought I would be that one good soul who would speak up.

And how did they respond to my kind and honest note? Did they reward me for my honesty and shower me with praise and gifts? Nope, they responded to say, yes, I was correct, and that they did not realize until I blew the whistle that they were not charging anyone in the building for their pet rent, and nobody else said anything but me. And then asked if I could please drop off another check for the  additional amount. Sorry fellow tenants of the shoebox! We're all  back to paying more dough because I have a freaking conscience. Please accept my apologies.

And then how was I repaid after that? I pick up my mail, and open a letter from Comcast stating that they just did an audit of their accounting systems and realized they have been undercharging us for cable.

Are you kidding me? This is like some dumb joke or something. I blew the whistle, and now everyone is charging me more?   Random fluke....or cosmic disapproval of my honest actions?

I wish I could lie. How easy life would be.


Scorpicon said...

Ouch, that sucks. Just keep repeating: "We move in 2 months."

Rachel Rosen said...

Oh sure, so you have guilt over not paying enough rent to some random landlord but you'll try to march us all into the corn maze run by some hard working delano farmers without buying bracelets without blinking.....hhhmmmmmm :-)