Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy New Year!

If you're Jewish. And if you're not. Then you've still got 4 months to go. Sorry. We'll enjoy our apples and honey and celebrate. And then celebrate again in 4 months.

We celebrated in our traditional way, eating way to much food, going to bed, getting up early and going to services. Where seemingly every single person was completely engaged in the service, and it felt like knives were holding me down to the pews. I went through the 25 Bar Mitzvah programs and kippot in my brother in law's tallis bag. I drove Jeremy nuts poking him, and playing with his hair. I think my aunt was sick and tired of me staring around at every single person in the room, except for the big guy up front. Woops. I have ADD. It's bad. Thus I chose my profession accordingly.

Some people hate to workout, and I often think that sitting in a chair and focusing must feel to me, like working out does to them. Complete torture. Painful every single minute. I used to sit there and stare around thinking that there must be one day, when you are officially old, and you are able to sit still and listen to a service. And in my head, the current age must have come and gone by this point in my life, but alas, I am still no more able to sit there and listen than I was at age 8. Nope, not an ounce more patience.

The house is coming along great - the horrible green siding is officially gone. I hate green. I don't even eat green skittles. Therefore, I could not be more thrilled that the green siding is gone.Green, GONE!  I will post more pictures next week, I have been a bit photographically negligent.

Busy weekend ahead....babysitting my "nephew Hank" (my best friend's son) for the day tomorrow, and then a good friend's wedding at night. Hank is going to come dining room chair shopping with us. I'm sure at 12 weeks old, he will be very helpful in the chair selection process.

Sorry...boring post...nothing terribly exciting going on. Apples and honey were eaten. House is getting built. Green is gone. Baby will be sat.

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