Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I've been a bad blogger

I'm sorry...I appologize. You know it's bad when my husband, who rarely reads my blog unless someone else tells him to, tells me I need to blog.

I have so much to tell, so I will do it in list form. Because I have to get it off my shoulders. And that's what this blog is for. It's my public journal of all things ridiculous in my life.

Top Reasons Why I've Been a Bad Blogger These Past Weeks:
1. I am personally running a State Fair parking concession at one of the buildings I manage.
2. All the employees I have hired to park cars suck.
3. Holding a sign in front of your face and texting behind the sign, or taking a nap under a tree while on a shift is not flagging cars. The people I hired suck.
4. Parking cars is not hard.
5. Running a parking concession is hard.
6. People take life way too seriously. I probably don't take life seriously enough. This can cause problems.
7. I was swept away on a wonderful surprise birthday trip this past weekend by my awesome husband who informed me of our secret destination once I arrived at the airport.
8. We went to Vancouver, Canada. If you can't find me...I have run off and moved to Vancouver, Canada.
9. If you can't find my terrible State Fair parking workers, you may find them in Vancouver, Canada.
10. One of my state fair workers got electrocuted by a falling power pole.
11. He is alive. Burned but alive.
12. Some of my very favorite people in the world, Adam and Sally MOVED TO MINNESOTA.
13. Reason #12 makes me very happy
14. Have I mentioned we are building a house? It's coming along great. But we don't live there yet.
15. Have I mentioned we are currently living in a shoebox?

Ohh...ohh...I have to interrupt the regularly scheduled programming above for a story.

So we live in a shoebox. And I don't love it there. And there is one trash chute for the entire huge building. This sucks. It is at the oposite end of the building. I don't like carrying trash bags to the other end of the building. Soooooo...I do as I always did at the condo, and I bring it down to the parking garage and put it in the bins down there, or next to it, if it is full.   I pay a boatload of money for my studio apartment, if I put a bag of trash next to the full bins (full because they NEVER empty them), then I put a bag of trash there.

Well, I got a call last week from our building.
"Mrs. Frank?" they state
"Uh, yea, what do you want?" I reply, annoyed because our apartment is small. like this is their fault.
"Well, we've noticed that you have been putting your trash bags next to the bins, because we went through the trash bag, and you cannot do that anymore. You need to take them down to the end of the building and put them in the chute." she responds, quite curtely
Dumbfounded, I stumble and stutter, unable to retort with some smart ass response because I am so shocked.
"Uh yea, I'll do that...fine whatever"

You have got to be kidding me, from the management that left doggy doo in the stairs for 4 days, and dog pee in the elevator for 5 days....really? Yell at me because you don't empty the trash and there is no room? And disgusting, I am in real estate management, and the day I go through a tenant's trash to get their name....well it will be a cold day in you know where. Not happening.

okay...back to the list
16. I have been so busy because all of my time is now taken up by lugging the trash bags down to the proper trash chute I just haven't had time to blog.
17. It was my birthday on Monday!   I turned 27. It feels old to me. If you haven't sent me a congratulatory birthday email, it's not too late. I mean, you can even send me a Happy Birthday in November. I'll take it. I love my Birthday.
18. Big family dinner for my birthday. I have a cute family. They all came out to celebrate. That's a lie, they came for the cake. In my family it's all about he cake...biggest birthday question is, 'What kind of cake?, just one or 2?, regular and Ice Cream cake?, This bakery or that one?, White or Chocolate?'   Big decisions to be made for Birthday time.

Okay....if you are still reading then you are a saint. But those are my excuses for not blogging. I'm sorry. It won't happen again.

If you need a good laugh this weekend, you can find Jeremy and I flagging cars at the state fair in my parking lot. Oh yea, orange vest, flag and all.


Scorpicon said...

1. So where's this lovely parking place of yours, and will you be flagging on Monday? ;-)

2. I love your list, it's hilarious and sad and wonderful. :-)

3. I've got nothing, I just wanted a longer list like you have.

Robyn said...

1. I have several lovely orange t-shirts that are the same color as the vests that you could wear instead.

2. Call me if you get bored with cars and/or want help and I will gladly come down and help you.

3. On behalf of your readers we would like some Canada stories (bicycle built for two hint hint).

4. Do Sally and Adam have any funny move across the country stories? You could have a guest blogger.

Oooh that 4 items on my list. The Weinblatt girls are good at lists.

Anonymous said...

I thought you were filming the target I wear hats ad. For some reason it seems like you could have written it. Random I know