Tuesday, September 14, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things...

So I'm not that type of blogger that is like, "Hey, I'm an expert on this topic that I just learned about yesterday, so listen to me blab on about nothingness like an expert". I'm much more the, "Let me blab on about nothingness, because I am an expert on nothing, but sometimes my life takes strange turns, and maybe you can get some enjoyment out of it". BUT...when I do like something, I figure I should share. Where better than my blog, my totally selfish, public journal of randomness, to share some of the things I like.

And if you don't care, hit that little red X button in the top right-hand corner. But sad, hope you don't do that.

So here it is...a list of things I am liking right now:

1. This place called CSN.com  It is essentially an online store of EVERYTHING you could ever imagine. We purchased half of the light fixtures for our home on there, mats for under my exercise equipment, modern furniture, traditional furniture...seriously, everything you could ever imagine, with free shipping, and about 25% less than I could find anywhere else. I love it. I don't totally understand it, I think it might be run by the mob, everything is so reasonable, and the same brands that you find elsewhere. But I LOVE csn.com. (Jeremy maybe doesn't love it as much...when he looks at the credit card bill)

2. When I was in the wedding planning process...etsy.com was to me, what CSN.com is now. It was my resource for all things wedding related. I got my save the dates, place cards, veil, jewlery...all kinds of stuff on etsy. Now I love it for artwork, jewelry, random things that again...Jeremy probably wishes I didn't buy. But seriously, I love etsy.

3. Hooded sweatshirts and Fall. They are a pretty rocking combination. And I have a slight obsession with hoodies. I love them. I love that it is hoodie weather. I am a happy girl. Sorry, that one is not so useful, but I love them and felt like sharing.

4. The website browneyedbaker.com for totally delicious, totally unhealthy baked good recipes. It rocks. Make the recipes, then feed them to others. Or eat them, and then go for a run. But they're awesome.

...and I interrupt this regular blog post for a phone call I just received. One of my tenants just called, to inform me that she is selling her business to a "Crazy Guy" as she called him. English is not her primary language and she is incredibly hard to understand. She informed me that she would be coming to my office in 10 minutes, because the, "Crazy Guy" just had to see my office. Really? And so they came, 4 of them. So he could see my office. Really??? Am I on candid camera?

Okay, back to the regularly scheduled program
5. I like this totally awesome blog, karafrank.com   You should totally read it.

6. That's all I've got for right now. I'll share more if I think of them. Sorry I don't have a 7, 8, 9 or 10. But you probably don't mind that at all. Since I am an expert at nothing.

Have a good week!


Amie said...

Which tenant? The best things happen to you, I love it.
Also, I heart etsy too.

Kara Frank said...

Julie at Tiffany nails. Fell off the crazy train. Let's just say I just got back from buying Jessie a giant bag filled with every type of potato chip flavor I could find as an apology for dealing with her!