Monday, September 20, 2010

Weddings galore

We have had a wedding filled summer....this weekend was our 3rd wedding weekend in a row. We feel very blessed to have friends who are reaching this stage in their lives and who have included us in the event, however my feet don't feel as blessed for the shoes required for said events. Can someone just have a shoeless beach wedding soon? That sounds lovely.

This past weekend the lovely bride was my assistant at work, Amie. Look at how beautiful she is! I just have to brag....she's pretty phenomenal.
I know they're really bad, iphone pictures, but you get the idea. She was a beautiful bride...and she had delish cupcakes...the night before Yom Kippur....which Jeremy and I were quite excited to eat. You know, build up some sugar before the fast.

Congratulations Josh and Amie!

Oh....and here's a quick pic of our new's coming along well!
With a bit of luck, we should be in by the end of November. Fingers crossed everyone. I seriously cannot wait to move. I am already starting to pack. No lie.

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Amie said...

Hey, I never said you had to wear shoes :)