Monday, October 4, 2010

I wouldn't exactally call that freaky fast

This past weekend was the remodeler's showcase in Minnesota, its like the parade of homes, but for remodeled homes. Well our builder had an amazing house on the remodelers showcase this year. requires them to sit at this house all freaking weekend long, meeting and greeting people, and I assume, answering the same dumb questions over and over again. So, being that I am Jewish, and my main concern is that people are always fed and happy, I asked if they would need anything over the weekend.  I offered to bring over lunch, or whatever they needed, knowing that they would all be there all day, unable to leave.

So Sunday afternoon, the interior designer called and asked if she could take us up on the offer. Could we perhaps bring them Jimmy Johns?  Sure! No problem, Jeremy and I were tooling around trying to pretend we were home-dwellers, but really we are just homeowners, who don't dwell there...and it was getting old. So of course we could run to Jimmy Johns and grab them some sandwiches, and Caribou because she really wanted a latte.

So we walk in and order 7 sandwiches. A lot of sandwiches, but not like an extreme amount. 7..that's's like 2 families worth.  The employee takes my order, and then gives me a blank stare. She takes my credit card and then says...
"Uh, we don't have any bread."
"Excuse me?" I respond..."I am at Jimmy Johns, right? Have you gone all Atkins on me here?"
"Well uh, no ma'am, but we have just one loaf left, we are all out of bread" she replies
 "Is this a joke?" I ask
"No ma'am, it will be 25 minutes for those sandwiches" she explains
"25 minutes, that doesn't sound freaky fast to me. In 25 minutes I could call another freaking Jimmy Johns and have my sandwiches delivered to this Jimmy Johns that doesn't seem to have it's staple ingredient." I blurt out
"Uh, do you want your sandwiches or not ma'am" she asks.

And then I continue to ask how a sandwich shop can run out of bread, its livelihood. And perhaps instead of chatting in the back, they should have baked the freaking bread. I know, a little extreme, but seriously, we were at Jimmy Johns, and they didn't have bread. It's like going to a bank, and having them tell you they are fresh out of money.

So Jeremy, always the calm one devises a plan to use what they have left of their bread, and put the other ones on something else, because we had hungry people to feed, who have our impending move in date in the palm of their hands. We have to feed these people. They need to show this house, and then finish our house. And they can't do any of that if they don't have sandwiches, so we need our freaking sandwiches on bread, thank you very much. We need sandwiches on bread so that they can finish this house, and then finish our house. Did they not understand that these sandwiches were the difference between our lovely life in our new house, and more days in the shoebox?

She didn't seem to understand that. 

Jimmy Johns, rethink that whole freaky fast thing. I'm guessing it requires bread.


Scorpicon said...

So what did they use instead of bread?

Kara Frank said...

you know that real bread they have ...the not so good, normal huge slices of bread...instead of the sub bread. More like a normal sandwich, less like a Jimmy Johns.

Jimmy John's said...


I personally apologize for your underwhelming experience. No french bread is like pop without fizz, it just ain't the same. Let me know which store ran out and please send your contact info to so I can fix the issue.