Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Monday - Friday

You spend the vast majority of your life working, so you better enjoy it. 
So I enjoy my line of work for several reasons. Now sure, there are days when I do not so much enjoy my chosen profession, but normally I like it. 
I like it because it attracts quirky people. 
Because every day is different. 
And not just different like, “I worked on this totally new kind of database today” different, but different like the following:

While standing in the hallway with a coworker he tells me the following story:
“So I was showing space to a prospective tenant yesterday and I noticed there was something on the ground. I bent down to investigate the strange thing on the ground, and quickly realized that it was a dead mouse. The prospective tenant was quickly walking closer to me, so there was nothing I could do but try to kick the mouse away. I tried to kick it to the side with my shoe in a sly sort-of way, but realized that it was STUCK TO THE GROUND. So I kicked, and it sat there. Firmly planted into the concrete sub-floor. At that point the prospective tenant noticed what I was doing and said, "Hey...when my boss comes back to see this space....get the mouse out of here""

To which normal people would have been screaming and squealing. But no, property managers, retort with better stories. 

So another one responds:
"Yea, well I used to manage a building for another company, and we had this massive snake problem. You would pull off a ceiling tile, and 20 dead snakes would fall out of the ceiling."

This is the life. 

And ya know what? I don't even mind. I think I would go nuts manipulating spreadsheets all day long. Or making power point presentations. Yes, I guess I thrive on the strange things that happen in buildings all across America. Just think about the walls that surround you right now - I'm guessing that building is not as straightforward as it seems. Snakes or dead mice may just be lurking in your midst!

haha - continuing the gross theme in honor of Halloween!

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