Monday, October 11, 2010

The places we shop....

I believe the places you shop tell a lot about where you are in life, and what is important.

In Middle School I had to have the newest Limited Too outift for school. I just could not live without my white denim shorts with embroidered sunflowers, and a tee shirt with matching sunflowers. Oh....and a hair bow to match.

Highschool I was all about Abercrombie, I just needed to have that $90 sweater that would fall apart in 2 minutes. And I vividly remember fawning over this yellow wool sweater, and they had my size on the mannequin but not on the shelf. I asked them to take it off so I could buy it, and they refused, saying the display items were not for sale. Temper tantrum ensued. 

College...we shopped at Target for 3M hooks, plastic dishes and Easy Mac.

Well now, Jeremy and I have moved on to Menards. Yes, we love to "save big money at Menard's". As pseudo-homeowners we have scoped out every hardware store in town searching for random items such as a rake, shovel, light fixtures, and our statewide search for landscaping pavers.  And...we have declared that Menard's is king.

And not just because we like the jingle (though that has a little something to do with it), and not just because you can get everything from light bulbs, to mail boxes, to rakes and pavers, and not just because their prices are so freaking low that you have to wonder what type of labor practices they observe... BUT .... you can also get things like...
Yes...your friendly neighborhood Menard's sells potatoes. Ya know, just in case you were buying a chain saw and decided, gee...I'd really love some potatoes with my chain saw. There you have them. You can find it all at Menard's.

And so we move on to this next stage in our lives, transitioning from pseudo-homeowners, to real homeowners next month. And it is with great pride that we welcome this new phase of shopping needs. We will wander the aisles, wondering why there are so many varieties of screw drivers, and staring aimlessly at the glittering wall of toilets and embrace this new stage of life.  We will continue to wish we were handy, and watch others in amazement as they buy tools to fix things...and we buy hire other fix our things.

Never before have I looked at our credit card bill and wondered where all the money went only to see line items of, Menard's, Home Depot, Menard's, Menard's...  Yes, we are really growing up now.

It's is changing.


Anonymous said...

Amazing! My lovely townhouse still puts me in the Target category, but the Coffee Shop made me an avid Home Depoter...I miss the days when the only thing I had to spend money on was lip smackers.

Katie said...

Mrs Frank - have you been introduced to Fleet Farm :) That's a place that really does have everything :)