Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Well....I officially recant my words on Monday in regards to Jimmy Johns. Yes, it sucked that they didn't have bread. And yes, it did almost jeopardize my ability to move into our home. BUT...I have never, ever seen a company that is so committed to customer service.

Let me explain.  After my blog post, I received a comment:
Anonymous Jimmy John's said... 
Kara, I personally apologize for your underwhelming experience. No french bread is like pop without fizz, it just ain't the same. Let me know which store ran out and please send your contact info to so I can fix the issue. Thanks!   
First, I was shocked that they found my blog, and that they had taken the time to contact me. And after I got over my shock, I wrote to them, and sent my contact information. I figured I would never hear from them again, but that they have some pretty sophisticated search engines that alert them to negative press about their company and that was how they found my blog. I mean unless of course the CEO of Jimmy Johns reads my blog. Which would rock.  
By the following morning at 8:30am I had a call from JJ's corporate offices, apologizing, and letting me know that they would take care of the 'situation'.  By 10:00 am I received a call from their regional manager, and by 3:00 the store manager had called to express his apologies, and send me a gift card. Now...if they just wanted to cater that open house for me...we'd really be in business! 
But honestly, there are so many examples in the world of poor customer service that causes you to avoid that certain locale. And it is typically one person, or one small thing that ruins the experience for you, and you are quite likely to share that bad experience. It is rare to find a company that cares so deeply about the customer experience that they will not only go out of their way to find you and apologize, but also remedy the situation within a matter of hours. Jimmy Johns...I am impressed. I forgive you for not having bread. I am actually so impressed I am blogging about it right now, and have told countless people about the positive experience I have had. 
So bring on the Turkey Tom with avocado, no sprouts please. Jimmy Johns, you are the top of my list after this one! (but you're be even higher up if you wanted to cater that open house...) :-)


Scorpicon said...

Wow, that's really awesome. I'm sure JJ's has a program that trawls blogs for mentions, and they have a whole PR team (probably 3 people) dedicated to responding. It's cool they do it (however it's actually done).

Mel said...

I should have had you blog about my recent trip to Bruegger's. My most favorite time of the Bruegger's year is when Pumpkin cream cheese comes to town. I made a special trip, but alas, they had run out. I was totally bummed and didn't hide my disappointment. I did get a free pumpkin bagel with honey walnut, but it just wasn't the same.

Jimmy John's said...

Thanks for the chill Kara, I dig your blog and you rock!