Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Body Work

So yesterday I was showing commercial warehouse space to this guy(that's what I do for a living)...who was 30 minutes late. I can't handle when people are late. It drives me nuts. Unless you were caught up by a fleet of charging rhinos, I see no reason why you should be late.

So I went into this showing slightly annoyed, and slightly edgy. We walk into the space and the perfectly nice prospective tenant gives me his business card. The business card reads, "A Crime & Trauma Scene Clean-up Company". I freak. I assume that he is going to kill me in this warehouse, so he can get more business and clean up the crime.

I am certain that this is my last day. In the back of an old warehouse in St. Paul.

So we walk through the dark warehouse space, and towards the back of the building he turns to me and says:
"Do you think the city would allow me to do body work in here?"

To which I respond, in a somewhat screaming bloody murder tone, "YOU MEAN LIKE HUMAN BODY WORK???"

The confused prospect looks at me and says, "No, like cars. Body work. Auto body work". Stated in a tone that says, "You crazy nut job, what are you thinking?"

Oh yea, cars. Body work. That would be vehicles, wouldn't it, eh?

Sorry buddy...didn't mean to scream in your face. Cars...not people.

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Scorpicon said...

Hahaha! That's a great story! Like something out of a movie. :-)