Friday, November 19, 2010

Footprints in Time

With that thought I was going to bring on the cheesy factor again...right? Not so much.

Last night Jeremy and I went to visit our house after attending a birthday party for our builder. We opened the door, and I did as I typically do there, and everywhere, and bounded into the house. I quickly walked around to see what had been completed, what changes had occured since we had last been there, a few days prior.

I noticed a strong smell, and Jeremy remarked that it smelled like varnish. Hmph, I thought. Whatever.
I bounded downstairs, and on my second step down, noticed that my foot was stuck to the stair.
"SH%$" I screamed
"What seems to be the problem Kara?" Jeremy asks, in a way as if he knows I have just done something stupid.
"I'm stuck to the stairs!" I scream (followed by a few more expletives)

This is where Jeremy proceeds to laugh hysterically, having no pity upon my situation. Yes, they had just varnished the steps, and I walked right on through them. So, there is now a footprint in the middle of the stair. In a very visible location.

Some people put their hand prints in the cement. Other people walk through wet varnish. Really, I was just trying to make my mark. And hope that when the carpenter comes back today, he thinks that someone else did it so I don't get in trouble. Whoops!


Scorpicon said...

So are you going to keep the footprint, or have them re-varnish?

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA! I love it!