Monday, November 15, 2010

Killing time

In case you have been living under a rock (i.e. not reading this blog), we are moving into our new house in a little less than 2 weeks!
We packed up half of our belongings last December and put our condo on the market.
Sold our condo at the beginning of March
Purchased the junky house March 17th.
From March - May, we packed up half of what was left of our belongings to be put in storage.
Moved into the shoebox apartment June 1.
Started construction on said junky house on July 5th
And now, November 27th, we will finally be moving into our new home!

So, it has been a bit of a long road. A wonderful road. But a long, stressful, "I can't find the shoes I want, and need to buy a new dress because I can't find anything I own" ...kind of road. A road, I am not sad to see go.

Needless to say, now that it is not so nice outside, we go a bit stir crazy on the weekends. For obvious reasons, we would rather not stay home, in our 500 square foot apartment, but it is no longer 'walk around the lake' weather. There is nothing to do, nowhere to go, and it makes you feel a bit like you are being punished for something.

So thus...we spend our weekends running random errands. But at the same time, attempting not to spend money. Since well...we're building a house. And that is not free.

So this weekend, we decided to go on a shopping spree. Well a free shopping spree. We had a ton of gift certificates, credits, coupons and rebates, mostly from wedding gifts, and others from Birthdays etc...

We started our free shopping spree at Restoration Hardware on Friday. We had registered there for our wedding, and loved the wall of beautiful towels, and racks of amazing sheets. Well, we hadn't been there in over a year...and since we are going on 2 years of marriage, decided we should use up the store credit. Well they have now turned the store into a, "Gallery" as they call it.

And what do I mean by this? Well they literally mean a gallery. You walk through and it looks like someone's home, and if you like the...towel on the towel bar, you ask a very eagar salesperson, who calls on their headset to the back room, who then transfers it to a stock person, who then brings out my 1 freaking towel to set at the register.

And don't try to take a towel off the rack...I did that. And go scolded. Literally. The saleslady told me to, "Put that back, that is not how the 'gallery' works". Well Sorr-y lady. Let me use up my credit and leave your gallery. At the stores I shop in, I see something I like, and I take it to the counter. I dunno - doesn't seem so tough. So we spent our credit on the world's most random items, (Iron letters that said...K&J), expensive sheets, and towels that I dared to remove from the rack.

I still like their products, well some of them, but I don't think I'm game for this whole Gallery thing. It's not my style. But visit and see what you think. Maybe it's just us. We were driven crazy by this new model. Driven so crazy that Jeremy let into the salesperson about his thoughts on merchandising and how to sell products. She didn't seem to care about his opinion. Maybe we're crazy. I'll stick with normal stores instead of Galleries from now on.

Our free shopping spree then took us to the Foursome, where Jer found a fancy pair of slippers, some random gift shop in Ridgedale where we found a large pink mixing bowl (we seriously had to struggle to find something at this store), Best Buy where we purchased a TiVo and Target for folding tables and pillows. All for free!

I seriously recommend storing up your gift cards for a free shopping spree. It is quite fun! Without the pain at the end!

I don't however recommend living in a shoebox.

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Scorpicon said...

Great idea! That sounds like a good time! I think D and I will have to collect up our GCs and have some snowy-day fun.

If you need any help setting things up, like say a Tivo, let me know, I'd be happy to help!