Friday, December 17, 2010

Good news....

STANLEY FOUND A RIDE!!! Well Stanley didn't really do much of anything, except sit there and look cute, but I found a ride for Stanley to Minnesota!!! So...he is being picked up as I type, and should be on his way back to Minnesota now!
Stan is on his way
He will be here to stay
Stan, Stan, Stan
He's gonna be our little man

Stan is on his way! I guess I can't change his name now, I've publicized Stanley a bit too much. Oh well.  I'll post pictures after he arrives!!!!

So....after yesterday's favorite things sister asked to be a guest blogger and share her favorite things. So now, a post from Robyn Alison (my sister).... and maybe a few comments from me. I rarely refrain from side comments.

Here goes:

1. My husband Jason. Yes it's cheesy but I didn't find him until I was 26 so I appreciate just how lucky I have to him.  yup, Robyn...totally cheesy. Now lusting over a dog, not cheesy.
2. My family.  I lucked out here too.  I have two loving parents (well really three), an amazing sister and great in-laws.  Of course I have the best nieces and nephews in the world (the two legged ones and the four legged ones). Now this one is 110% true. Particularly the sister part.
3. My new job.  Let's just say I am a happier person since I started and leave it at that. And we're all thrilled about it too - no more complaining about the lady that wore crazy clothes
4. My kindle.  It was a birthday gift (see #2) and barely a day goes by that I don't use it.  How else can I start a new book without leaving the elliptical or missing a beat.  - this is a good one. I don't have a kindle, but they look cool.

5. Trader Joes. I just love it there.  The customer service is amazing and they always have new and yummy food to try. Gotta love the trader joes - gnocchi with red sauce - tasty

6. Super Target. Where else can you buy fruit and a cute new t-shirt? I swear I am not saying that because my brother-in-law works for them I truly do love it there. We love this one too. Ya know, keeping the husband employed and all is a good thing. And just because it's a generally amazing store.

7. Honeycrisp apples.- I do a happy dance when the season starts.

8. My mother-in-law's hummus. As a certain snowy bride can verify it is one of the best foods on earth. I also love her mother-in-law's nuts. Seriously delish nuts. Like cashews people, get your mind out of the gutter. Gotta love Marlene's nuts.

9. My friends. I have the most loving and caring friends.  Even the ones who live thousands of miles away still take the time to keep in touch. They are pretty awesome.

10. Coffee. I am not human in the morning until I have my coffee. It must be as strong as espresso, no milk, no sugar just strong. Or as my husband like to say so strong it looks like pen ink.  I am not kidding he takes it to work each day and then puts half coffee half water in his mug just so he can drink it.

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