Monday, December 13, 2010

I know pronounce you...really freaking snowy

This past weekend we celebrated one of my very closest friends, and a frequent star of this blog, Debra and Alex's wedding. And in case you don't have a television, radio, newspaper or internet, it also snowed a bit in Minnesota. 17.1 inches in our city to be exact.  And, while Minnesota is excellent at dealing with snow, 17.1 inches is a bit beyond even this great state's abilities.

Debra does everything big. Huge. And this wedding was no exception. Big dress. Big hair. Big party. Big food. What we did not anticipate, Big snow.  I will spare you every detail of the wedding weekend, and will leave you with the top 5 highlights of the wedding weekend:
5. Seeing Debra, wearing her mom's wedding dress (altered) for her rehearsal dinner

4. Her nephew's speech at the rehearsal dinner, explaining his, "Top 5 parenting tips....#1 Let your kid stay up as late as they want. #2 Let them buy whatever video game they want   #3 Let them run around as much as they want.....okay well top 3"

3. The incredible wedding dress...made of about 99 pounds of ruffle and tulle
2. Watching the bridal party bus dig out of the snow at her parents house. 2 hours of digging by the videographer and the bus driver. Those two deserve a handsome reward for their dedication to that vehicle and the wedding. I think I would have given up and called a cab.

1. Dancing the night away, thrilled that we made it TO and THROUGH the beautiful ceremony and on to the reception.

As we were getting hair and makeup done, I jokingly mentioned that I am an ordained minister(the reason is for a whole different blog post) and could perform the ceremony at her parents house if the snow kept falling. Little did I know, that would become a real possibility for about 10 minutes. Unbeknown to the bride, there was a moment when we thought perhaps the wedding might be canceled. 17.1 inches of snow had paralyzed the vendors and left them stuck at the bottom of a hill approaching the synagogue. They were  unable to get in, and guests would soon be arriving and also could not make it in the synagogue.

Thankfully, we found a solution to clear the snow, so the vendors could arrive - but I would have made one sweet Rabbi if they couldn't clear the way. I could have googled a wedding ceremony, and doubled as both a bridesmaid and an officiant. No biggie.

Thankfully, my credentials from the Universal Life Church were able to stay safely in my wallet, and were not needed for the occasion. Though Jeremy was pretty sad that he could not be the singer. The bride and groom? Pretty pleased he could not be the singer.

All in all, a snowy, winter wonderland wedding. I could have skipped the OUTSIDE pictures. But do have to admit, they turned out pretty amazing (see above). Thinking of moving to Minnesota? I bet you just changed your mind!

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Rachel Rosen said...

What Kara left out, was that SHE was the one who saved the day and called in plows to clear a path to The Adath. She literally saved the day.

Kara- you are AMAZING!!