Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Our Christmas

So if you have ever read my blog before, you probably realize that I don't celebrate Christmas. It seems like a lovely holiday and all, and I wouldn't mind a few presents from a big guy in red, but alas, I am Jewish. So we have our own fun on December 25, and it usually involves Chinese food (the only restaurants that are open) and a trip to the movie theater.

This year however, we had a bit of a different task. My husband and I are the very proud Auntie and Uncle to a new nephew, who was born last week. In accordance with Jewish tradition, 8 days after birth, it was time for the little guy to get ...well....chop, chopped. If you know what I mean. This past Sunday we celebrated his Bris, which we hosted at our house.

New puppy, Stan, tried to be a part of the action...but we let him know that this was one party....he REALLY didn't want to be a part of. Stan will have his own little, more aggressive chop, chop in just a few short weeks, so it's best he stay away from those things behind him.

In preparation for the Bris on Sunday, we spent Christmas day cleaning, unpacking, baking and preparing for 45 people to enter our new home. I made my new favorite, festive dessert for the occassion, cake balls. Seemed appropriate. Until I ran out of milk chocolate and was forced to use blue candy quik for the coating. Jeremy quickly sent this photo to our friends who unanimously decided that it was bad enough that I was serving something called, 'Cake Balls', and that it would not be appropriate to serve the blue version.
They were totally delicious. Consistently regarded as inappropriate, but totally delicious. So the guests enjoyed the milk chocolate cake balls, and were spared the blue variety.

If you want some blue balls, let me know. I have some leftovers.

All in all a lovely bris. And a completely adorable new nephew.


Natalie Lembeck said...

Kara - I read your blog every day! It's on my list of regulars. I love it! I am dying to see pictures of your house! I'm coming to MN next week for a long trip - maybe me, you, and Jer can get together and talk blogs?! Would love to see you! xoxox

Kara Frank said...

Yeaaaa! I'm so glad you read it! We would LOVE to see you! Call or email and let's make a plan!