Monday, January 10, 2011

Big Day in the Frank Household

You have all met Stanley M. Frank (via this blog) but he has one major issue. He cannot go down the stairs. Up the stairs? Totally, he's a pro. But down the stairs? Absolutely not. He won't even consider it.

We have tried enticing him with a piece of food on each step trying to woo him down the stairs.

We have tried gently nudging him down the stairs, like a mother bird would to her young, pushing them out of the nest.

We have tried teasing him by the excitement that lie at the bottom of the stairs (namely hugs and kisses awaiting his arrival)

Nothing has worked. This has been a true lesson in parenting. A child will do nothing, until they are absolutely ready on their own.

Last night my dad was over, and he was totally fed up with Mr. Stanley's incessant barking at the top of the steps because he could not get down. So...he tried to get him down. And this time, Stanley was ready. And, with a bit of nudging, he walked down the stairs...

The scene...with captions from the mind of Stanley M. Frank

My sister is going down the stairs. How does she do that? That is crazy. She is going to harm herself. Silly dog. Walking down stairs is dangerous. Danger lies ahead.

 Gee...well now I'm up here alone, and that's not so much fun. I'd really like to be downstairs. And my people don't seem to like it when I scream like crazy to get down. But these steps, they are huge.
 Huge steps. These are huge. And the closer I get, the bigger they look. 
But maybe I could do it. I'm getting bigger. I could maybe consider, possibly, the suggestion that I can walk down stairs. 

Punky, can you help me? I need you sister. These things the humans have created, that they call steps, are nuts.

I'M DOING IT! I'M REALLY DOING IT!!!! I can walk down steps! 
Big day in the Frank household. Stanley traversed the steps. Once. Today he seems to have forgotten that he did it yesterday.  But baby steps people, baby steps.


Scorpicon said...

Yay! That's great! :-) I'm sure he'll really get the hang of it soon.

Natalie Lembeck said...

i LOVED this post. I'm in town - can I come meet Stanley??