Friday, January 14, 2011

Lesson learned

So...I had an injury this week. I usually average about 1 injury per week. I'm just not very careful. I run into things. I hurt myself working out. Things like that, but this time, I really injured myself. In an embarrassing way which I am now going to share with the entire world.

I was hanging pictures on the wall at our new house earlier in the week. My husband chose not to help me because he doesn't really care about pictures on walls. He would rather live in a house with no pictures on the wall, than take the time to hang them. True story. When he lived alone, his 'art' consisted of 1 framed leaf from Target and 1 photo in a frame. For the 2 years he lived alone in that apartment, the photo and the piece of art both rested comfortably on his kitchen table, while the walls lay barren. And I don't mean this as an insult, but rather a strange phenomenon.  A male phenomenon I guess.

So...hanging lots of pictures.
I hang the first, large, heavy 8 x 10 picture frame.
I find a spot below for picture frame #2, and begin hammering in the picture hanger for the next frame in the sequence.
Next thing I know, I am knocked out by a 700 lb 8x10 picture frame. Maybe not 700 lb, but close. That thing was heavy.

Fell off the wall, hit me in the face, gashed my nose and gave me a black eye.

This leads into a scene that went something like this:
Kara: screams screams tears I HURT MYSELF....I NEED HELP
Jeremy: "Oh my gosh...gasps gasps"
I run over to the bathroom to look in the mirror to assess the situation. Jeremy pulls me away from the mirror, knowing that at the sight of blood on my face, I will lose it even further. Regardless, I lose it. Screaming, crying. I am certain my nose will now have to be removed. Entirely.

If my nose is not removed entirely, I will surely need a nose job. Now this incident is starting to look up...nose job....hmm...I should have caused a picture frame to fall on my face long ago.

Jeremy gathers tissue and ice, and attempts to care for me, through my state of shock at the attack that has just occurred.  

Ding Dong. Doorbell rings.
A friend arrives to see our home! She was on her way while I was hanging pictures, and arrived moments after the 'incident'.

Natalie, I'm sorry I looked like I had just gotten into a fight, and perhaps was a bit out of sorts. You know me...totally a fighter. Fighter with a picture frame.

Unfortunately it does not look like I will be getting a nose job out of the deal, but that would have been nice. Instead, I have a lovely gash and sore nose, and a terrible war story to tell along with it.

Lesson learned. Remove picture frame #1 before hammering into the wall.


Scorpicon said...

What, no photos? ;-)

Hope your nose heals well and quickly!

And a side note: I'm probably an outlier, but I had at least 10 pieces of art framed and hung on my walls when I was living alone.

Natalie Lembeck said...

I love that I am now officially part of your blog! :)

Cory said...

Haha, I learned that same lesson a while ago. My glasses cut into my nose and I had bruise on my nose for about a week.