Thursday, February 10, 2011

Just a little arts and crafts time

My poor dear husband is so patient. I have already repainted 3 rooms in our house within the 3 months we have lived there, and have found a craft project required for almost every square inch of the house. And this one was no exception.

On the lower level of our new house, just off of the garage, we have a lovely mudroom. I love this area for its sheer practicality - coat hooks, cubbies, bins, and boot storage. All very important things for a Minnesota winter. Or really anytime for that matter. However, it was a bit bland looking. The carpenters built a wonderful bench and shelves, but it lacks a certain amount of pizazz.

So the first project...make a cushion for the bench. Nobody likes to sit on a hard wooden bench to put on their shoes. (keep in mind that one rarely sees this bench because it is permanently covered with crap) But regardless, that bench needed a cushion.

However, it was a bit of an odd size and shape, prohibiting me from purchasing a standard bench cushion. So...I plotted, thought, and strategized - how could I craft a cushion for this bench?

I plotted, thought and strategized about this at 8pm on a -20 degree winter night. And by about 8:30 pm I had a plan!
Jeremy looks at me and says, "You do not think we are going to go out right now to buy the materials for this, do you?"
I reply, "Well no...we don't have to, but you know, it sure would make me happy" (guilt, guilt, guilt)

With a coy smile I stand there, he grumbles, grabs his keys and off we go to the craft store!

We purchase a large piece of foam, and found a quilting fabric that we liked, and thought would add some color to the space.

We took it home. Jeremy looks at me as if to say, "We are not going to complete this project now, this can wait for another day, right?"
And so I start cutting on my own. Fearing I will injure myself, which I likely would have done, my dear husband got out the Wusthof kitchen knives and cut the foam into the size and shape required for the bench. (Thank you to the wedding gift giver, who gave us those knives. They do amazing things with a giant piece of foam)
Now at this point, I did get tired, and decided to save the cover for another day.
But when it was time, I measured cut and sewed what was essentially a duvet cover for the foam. It was really quite easy. I secured it shut with Velcro, because that gave me some room to tighten it more or less depending on the fit.

And voila!
Our boring bench has a lovely cushion!  Now I think I should paint those cubbies a more interesting color - thoughts??? This room still needs some more excitement. But we're getting there.


Scorpicon said...

Damn, girl, you's a crafty lady! That's awesome!

Heather said...

Oh oh! You should paint just the inside of the cubbies a contrasting color...maybe one of the colors in the cushion cover. It'll maybe add depth :)

Robyn said...
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Robyn said...

You are SO funny!! My favorite part was "found a quilting fabric that we liked". Somehow I think you found quilting fabric you liked; I don't think Jer had an opinion on quilting fabric one way or the other he just wanted to get home to your beautiful puppies. It turned out great!! :)