Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Superbowl

So I don't really like football. Truth is I don't totally understand the rules. And no, I really don't care to learn either. But I love the spirit of things, and I love the parties! And I love the food!

My bff, Stacy, who was born in Green Bay was having a party. But Stacy is a hardcore Packers fan. And by hard core I mean her blood is green and gold. And so when she invited me to her party, I poitely declined, knowing that I would talk all the way through the game, asking questions, complaining that I was bored, or tryign to dink around in the kitchen. Which would drive everyone totally insane.

Instead...my Dad, who knows me very well, sent my sister over to my house with a cookie decorating kit, knowing I would need a side activity if I choose to "watch" the game at home. Smart Man.

So while everyone else cheered on the Packers and the Steelers, I decoated cookies. And tried really, really hard to care about football. Ultimately failing to care.

But produced some lovely cookies!
Congratulations Packers. I am only happy you won because it means that Stacy is happy. But otherwise I really don't care. I care much more about the lovely, aforementioned cookies.

There is always an occasion to decorate a cookie. Always.

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