Monday, February 14, 2011

Things that I love

Tis Valentines Day (in case you missed the memo). I love this valentines day for kids. Some of my favorite memories include decorating shoeboxes full of hearts and stickers and putting them out on my desk...eagerly waiting for my classmates to fill them with cards. Well mostly eager for them to fill it with candy. But the cards are what I'm supposed to say.

But I just don't think valentines day is just for "lovers". So in honor of valentines are some people I love...

Clearly...this guy
These girls...pretty much my heart and soul
This freaking awesome family

As you know...I really love these two creatures
These two...most amazing friends ever. Ever.

And the one in pink's baby....who I love like crazy.

These two...we like them a lot
This family right here (this is my niece when she was 2 months old with her mom, my sister in law. Super old pic, but I had to share because it is just so sweet...and it's Valentines day. The day for sweet things)

And many others...but those are all the pictures I can find at this moment.

Happy Valentines to all! You don't need to have a significant other to have a Valentine! Just look around. They're all around you.


Scorpicon said...

I'm not in any of the photos, but I'll assume I'm in the "many others" category. ;-)

We love you too, Kara! Happy Valentine's Day!

Kara Frank said...

you are in there by association...and mostly because i could not find a suitable photo. But you are most certainly there in spirit.

Rachel Rosen said...

Thanks Kar! Love you too!