Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Made by the Franks?

Since we have been saved from the coyotes...we can return you to the game of the week, entitled:

Made by the Franks? Or really expensive art for sale?
One of these is "Made by the Franks" and one is made by an artist for sale for lots of money. Which one is, Made by the Franks? Respond in the comments section. The winner gets a very special prize. The prize is likely one of the Made by the Franks works of fine art.

And first on deck we have

Question #1

Question #2.

Question #3

Question #4

Okay....cast your votes. For questions 1-4, which painting, A or B is made by the Franks? And which one is for sale for way too much money. 

Voting begins now! (p.s. don't be shy to doesn't matter if I don't know you, or even if I do, and we haven't talked in a long time, whatever, I just love that you read! So don't be shy...VOTE!) You would hate to miss out on the big, big prize.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

We interrupt the regularly scheduled art contest

...For a coyote alert. Fine residents of Golden Valley, be on the alert, my husband swears he saw a coyote. In our back yard.

This morning at approximately 5:28 we awoke.
Jeremy to get ready for an early conference call at work.
Kara, to head off to the gym.
Jeremy gets out of bed and takes Dog #1, the puppy, out to go potty.

Kara lays in bed wondering why it is that humans require exercise, dozing in and out of consciousness.

Until she hears the quick and feverish barking of Dog #1. And then the quick and feverish footsteps of her husband.

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, I just saw a coyote" Jeremy screams, bounding into the bedroom at 5:35AM.

"A coyote? Are you nuts?"  Kara responds, certain this is all a part of her dream. She's been known to have some strange dreams.

"Yes, a coyote, and it came around the corner, and it chased Stan, and he barked, and it ran away, but there's a COYOTE out there." Jeremy screams in a fast and panicked tone as he turns on every light inside and outside of the house. "I need your help Kara. I need you to come out there with me." he explains.

"Are you kidding me?" Kara asks. "Let Dog #2 pee inside, we have hardwood floors." Kara responds and climbs further under the covers.

After further coaxing, Jeremy convinces Kara to stand outside with Dog #1, the protector dog, as Dog #2 pees, in an attempt to ward off the coyote.

If that coyote comes a knockin' I'm certain Stanley Frank (Dog #1) is going to be a force to be reckoned with. All 11 pounds of him. Good thing the Franks have entrusted their lives with an 11 pound puppy.

Dog #2 does her business, no sight of said coyote, and Jeremy and Kara bring the dogs inside, and Jeremy insists on calling the police. He calls the police and informs them of the wild Coyote roaming the neighborhood, and tells them to come find it.

Now Kara never saw this famed coyote, roaming the yard. But she has a sneaking suspicion, this wild coyote, may have been a bit more stray Labrador, than wild coyote. 

But you never know...the coyote could be roaming. The Franks will be safe, thanks to little Stanley Frank and his big attitude.

Monday, March 28, 2011

The art conundrum

You have all sent some amazing suggestions for art in our home, but still, nothing feels quite right. We have this gigantic wall that is begging for some beautiful art, and I still cannot find just the right thing.

You guys have suggested:
  • 20x200 (   They have really cool stuff, but nothing that seems quite right
  • Etsy ( Which I also LOVE, but have not found anything that I feel comfortable buying, without seeing in person.
  • Home Goods (stores locally)  They also have very fun stuff, but I have not found anything that looks unique or special quite yet
  • One Kings Lane  ( Beautiful home furnishings, but again, have not settled on anything that would be right, with just a picture on a website
And then....I got my haircut. And while waiting for my appointment I noticed this on the wall:
Simple framed watercolors. Each different, but yet similar. And a grouping of 3. (which I want). I was about one more art store away from ripping these little beauties right off the wall and making a run for it, but instead, I made a more logical decision. I took out my phone, took a picture, and texted it to Jeremy, and informed him that we had an art project in our future.

I mean seriously, these guys are pretty, but they also look like something my 2 year old niece could do. In a good way. So if my adorable niece probably could paint them, well then so can Jeremy and Kara.

This past weekend was my best friend's birthday and we were going to celebrate with her and her son. However, I asked her if she would instead  like to come over for a bit of "art class with the Franks" and she excitedly accepted the offer. Something about watercolor with the Franks seemed exciting. Can't imagine why.

And so we celebrated her Birthday...
And painted art for our house. Now, I'm not quite ready to reveal the final specimens. No, this is going to be a game. In a subsequent post I will put up the paintings that we painted, along with some that are selling for big bucks, and I want you to tell me which ones are, "Made by the Franks".

Whose excited for this game....MADE BY THE FRANKS!

To be Continued

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Every dog

that looks like this...

needs one of these....

Have you ever seen anything so cute in your life? No, I am not above dressing up my dog. Not when they look as cute as this guy.

In other news, I sold our couch. Did we buy a new one? Nope, not yet.  But we intend to. I sort of forgot that it takes a long time to get a couch after you order it. And so, perhaps I should have thought about that before I sold the one we had. It made sense in my head. Post the couch on Craig's list and see if it sells. If it sells, buy a new one. If it doesn't keep it.  Minus the whole 8-10 weeks for delivery on a new one part.

I'm honing in on this guy....
I think it should do the trick. We were short a few "butt spots" in the family room.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's still funny....

So it's raining today in Minnesota, and I haven't slept in two nights because my dogs are crazy and won't sleep. And so I'm at a loss for what to write. However, my bff and the mother of Hank(adorable baby who I have posted pictures of), asked me to send her a picture of Jeremy and myself for a project her friend was doing for her son's 1st birthday. So as I was looking through pictures I came across this engagement photo. I have posted it before, but again, as it does everytime, it got me laughing so hard I felt that I needed to post it.

and the facebook comments that were posted with it...
  • Stacy V. - I see two "special" people frolicking in the grass with one and a half legs
  • Jason B. - What are you guys running away from??? The cheesiness of the photo? (I am just the typist, It is Robyn's comment.)
  • Rinat G. - You guys look like you're trying out for a Bollywood video...I'm waiting for about 100 dancing Indians to jump out from behind you
  • Jessica H. - reunited and it feels so good
  • Ali B. What happened to your other leg?? It's so nice that the two people with one and a half legs found each other
  • Jaclyn M. - it also appears as if you have no foot on your regularly functioning leg...

So I may just be over tired, but this picture still makes me laugh so hard I literally cry. Jeremy and Kara as though we lost half of the same leg, and both of our feet. But still so happy we can romp through a field.

Pardon the exhaustion.

Friday, March 18, 2011

I look Irish...

but I am not. But that does not mean I cannot get into the St. Patties Day spirit.

With green pancakes for dinner.
I should have made them into a Shamrock shape, but I didn't think of that until just now. Next year.

This girl is livin' on the wild side. Today, green pancakes, tomorrow, who knows what......

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Yes, I married the right man

Just recieved a text message from my dear husband:

Just finishing up, will call in a few - let's do something fun tonight.


Text message #2 arrives

Like buy heartworm medication. (for the dogs...)

This is maybe not funny to anyone but me. But to me, it is hilarious.

In other news, I saw this driving down the road the other day.

Do you think that toddler trike was so large it couldn't fit into the enormous van? And so it was necessary to strap it to the top of the car???? I almost stopped the car to ask why it was up there. Almost.

Monday, March 14, 2011

What seemed like a good idea in December

Sometime mid-December, we had a group of friends over for dinner. Our friend Samantha told us that her 30th birthday was approaching in March. She said that she really wanted to run a 5K for her birthday. Somewhat of a Birthday goal and feel-good activity. There is a St. Patrick's day 5K in Minneapolis, called the 100% Irish 5K. Runners dress up in costume, green beer and shamrock cookies await the, I totally look Irish. This is the race for me. (Really I just wanted to do it for the shamrock cookie)

I am always up for an athletic activity (minus a marathon, which I have no interest in doing, so don't invite me to one. Unless you want me to cheer. I am an excellent cheerer.). And so I, very willingly offered that Jeremy and I would join her for her 30th Birthday 5K on March 12th.

Now, in December in Minnesota, March sounds like a warm month. In March, the tulips break ground and begin to sprout, the sun shines, days are longer, yes, in Minnesota, in December, March seems like a warm month.

Turns out March is not a warm month.

In fact, on March 12th, at 8:45am it was 15 degrees with a windchill of -17 degrees. March is not a warm month at all.

And so, on the morning of March 12th, I awoke, got out of bed, took the dogs outside to go to the bathroom, and promptly ran back inside screaming something along the lines of "IT IS A$% FREAKING COLD OUT THERE, LIKE HE*& I'M RUNNING IN THIS WEATHER".

However, besides my obvious problem of over committing myself to activities, I also have an insane guilty conscience and absolutely require myself to do things to which I have committed.

And so, we layer long underwear, running tights, tank top, tee shirt, long sleeve tee shirt, long sleeve jacket, hat, gloves and head out the door for the race. The entire car ride, I proceed to complain about the weather, explain how my lungs are allergic to the cold and convince Jeremy that I have poor circulation and so it feels much colder to me, than it must to him.

Finally, about 2 minutes before we arrive at the lake, he turns to me and say, "I'm so glad to hear you have such a positive attitude about this race. It's really refreshing."

Okay fine. He's right. I will put on my positive attitude hat.

We park the car, and run like the dickens to the starting line because well, we are freezing out tootsies off. Our friends arrive, and I really tried to keep my positive attitude hat on, but it must have blown off in the 20 MPH winds, and I turn to Samantha, and say, "Why couldn't' you have been born in August?"

Whoops. I was supposed to be positive.

And so we ran. And it was actually more fun than anticipated. There was a group of guy running with pants, no shirts, and their chests painted green. Unfortunately I couldn't take a picture because my fingers were frozen together. But we did manage to get a picture of the two of us, with the reason I ran the race. The shamrock cookie.
Just a reminder. It is still quite cold in March, in Minnesota. Very cold.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Bowling with Bill

(Names have been changed to maintain some anonymity. Not sure why, but other Bloggers do that, so it seems like a good idea.)

I just sent an email which read:
Can you register me for this event and bill Worthington? 

Thank you,


Hi Kara,

Just wanted to clarify your registration for the bowling tournament? You are registering you and Bill for the event, correct? Will you be sending in a check or paying with a CC? Thanks!

"Worthington" is the company I work for. Bill Worthington is not a person attending the event. In case you missed the humor in this, and I need to spell it out for you. It's Friday, at 3:30, and this seems hilarious to me at this moment.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What happens when you stop paying attention

I have a terrible attention span. Seriously terrible. At work I must do 10 things at once, or I am not able to focus on any one thing. In life, I am constantly doing a million things. It is like my ADD has ADD. So anyways, on to a new topic :-)

Our not-so-little-anymore puppy, Stanley's fur had been getting quite shaggy. And while we thought this was downright adorable, when he stopped paying attention to commands at puppy class because he could not see the hand motions, due to the fur in his face, we decided he needed a trim.

So, we took him to the groomer, who is the world's most amazing dog groomer. She is the dog whisperer. We brought him in, and she started discussing what we should do with his fur. At this time, a horrible thing happened, and I stopped paying attention altogether, and just nodded my head. She asked me a question, and it was too far down the 'not paying attention' road, and so I just responded, "Yes, that would be perfect, absolutely perfect".

What would be perfect? I have no idea. But I felt dumb saying, "You know what, I just totally stopped paying attention about 3 minutes ago, could you repeat everything you just said about my dog's fur cut?"  That just seemed rude. And so, I went with it.

And my little furry doggy turned out like this:
(Stan is a little chubby so he's decided to take up weight lifting)

Yes, my little furry doggy was shaved. And it is my fault. Because I have the attention span of a toddler.

Little Stan puppy, I am very sorry all of your fur has been shaved. I promise it will grow back. But your mother's attention span? There is no help for that problem.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Craig's List

I love Craig's List. I do. I think it's the greatest invention ever. So simple, so functional. Love it. I have never purchased anything on Craig's List, but if you have a condition like mine, Craig's List is your best friend. My condition is medically termed, "Hate-to-keep-junk-around-the-house-that-is-not-actively-used-at-least-once-every-six-months". I mean that's the medical term. Better known as "Belongings ADD".

So, we recently moved into this new house, and while there are LOTS of things we need, there are also LOTS of things we don't really need anymore. When we moved into our new house, we were lucky enough to be able to build a gym room into the house. I love to workout, and it was important to me, that I have a space at home to do so, when I can't get to the gym. My parents kindly offered to outfit this room.....with equipment that had been sitting in their house for years. And while I am grateful for everything they do, I also know that when offered things by my father, one must take them, or they will continue to be offered the same item for the next 50 years.
DAD: Kara, do you want shelving unit we have in the garage?
KARA: "No, Dad, we're good, we don't have anything to put on the shelving unit, we don't keep a lot of extra 'stuff'"
DAD: "Ok"
10 days later
DAD: "Kara, you know what would be great to hold that one salad bowl over there? This shelving unit we have at our house."
KARA: "Really Dad, I'm still good. I can put that one bowl in the cupboard, it will be very happy in there."
And this will continue for eternity. And so, to combat this over generosity problem, I now just take the items. And if I don't need them, I put them on Craig's List. Genius! Dad does not remind me for eternity about the shelving unit/bike/glass table/bedding that is at his house, and I don't need to keep it at my house.

Case in point, The Bike:
My Dad wanted me to take their 1985 Tunturi Exercise bike when we moved into the house. This bike was excellent in 1985, but today, it was bit less than what I was looking for...
Now don't get me wrong, this bike works perfectly fine, but for the type of biking I do, I was hoping for something more along the lines of...
Similar, but different.

And so, enter Craig's List. I appreciatively accepted the bike from my father, and then called my mother to ask if she cared if I sold it. She did not seem to care one bit, feeling that it had served it's purpose in its 20 years in our family. And so, I put it on Craig's List.

Soon after posting, a nice woman emailed me and said she was interested. We exchanged a few emails, and she decided she wanted the bike. I had noticed that, at the bottom of her email there was a signature line with a website,    I assumed that since she had it in her signature line, she wanted people to look at the site. And so I did. I clicked on the link and came to find that she was a mosaic artist. And she made some darn cool stuff!   So I replied back to her and told her I clicked on the link, and that I loved her art, told her she was very talented, and would she ever consider trading art for the bike?

If you have been reading this blog, you know that our house is currently a bit devoid of art, and what is better than fun, handmade art, that you traded for an exercise bike?!

She writes back that she would love to do that, and so it happened. She arrived at my home that evening, took the bike, and in exchange, I got this awesome piece of art.
Yes, it's an actual coffee cup with mosaic surrounding it! You never know what you will find with Craig's List!

So here's my shout out to Rachel, the artist, who is really sweet! She does 'on the road mosaics' and will bring all of her supplies to you for a birthday party, girls wine and art party, whatever you would like. She will also have a booth at Art-A-Whirl, so if you like her stuff, keep an eye on her site for the location of her booth.

And now I have a beautiful piece of art...and Rachel has the exercise bike she wanted! My life motto, It never hurts to ask! You just may wind up with a mosaic.

Contact: Rachel

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Dinner last night...we are sitting at the table, eating a lovely meal (  - it is quite delish, I highly recommend it!), and Jeremy turns to me and says;

"Kara, I have a question for you, that I have been thinking about for a while."
"Yes, what is it? Ask anything" I reply
"Well, I know your Dad's real name is Myles, and I know he hates that name, and prefers to go by his middle name, Jay. So why does he wear a ring with the letter "M" on it?" he asks, in a very confused manner.
I stop....think about what he is asking me...and then pose a question back to him.
"Jer, honey, dearest, you remember my maiden name? Starts with a W...." I reply calmly
"Yea, so?" he answers, still not appearing to understand.
"Jeremy, that is not an M on his ring, it is a W!"
Enter the light bulb face.

I guess it's all a matter of perception.