Monday, March 7, 2011

Craig's List

I love Craig's List. I do. I think it's the greatest invention ever. So simple, so functional. Love it. I have never purchased anything on Craig's List, but if you have a condition like mine, Craig's List is your best friend. My condition is medically termed, "Hate-to-keep-junk-around-the-house-that-is-not-actively-used-at-least-once-every-six-months". I mean that's the medical term. Better known as "Belongings ADD".

So, we recently moved into this new house, and while there are LOTS of things we need, there are also LOTS of things we don't really need anymore. When we moved into our new house, we were lucky enough to be able to build a gym room into the house. I love to workout, and it was important to me, that I have a space at home to do so, when I can't get to the gym. My parents kindly offered to outfit this room.....with equipment that had been sitting in their house for years. And while I am grateful for everything they do, I also know that when offered things by my father, one must take them, or they will continue to be offered the same item for the next 50 years.
DAD: Kara, do you want shelving unit we have in the garage?
KARA: "No, Dad, we're good, we don't have anything to put on the shelving unit, we don't keep a lot of extra 'stuff'"
DAD: "Ok"
10 days later
DAD: "Kara, you know what would be great to hold that one salad bowl over there? This shelving unit we have at our house."
KARA: "Really Dad, I'm still good. I can put that one bowl in the cupboard, it will be very happy in there."
And this will continue for eternity. And so, to combat this over generosity problem, I now just take the items. And if I don't need them, I put them on Craig's List. Genius! Dad does not remind me for eternity about the shelving unit/bike/glass table/bedding that is at his house, and I don't need to keep it at my house.

Case in point, The Bike:
My Dad wanted me to take their 1985 Tunturi Exercise bike when we moved into the house. This bike was excellent in 1985, but today, it was bit less than what I was looking for...
Now don't get me wrong, this bike works perfectly fine, but for the type of biking I do, I was hoping for something more along the lines of...
Similar, but different.

And so, enter Craig's List. I appreciatively accepted the bike from my father, and then called my mother to ask if she cared if I sold it. She did not seem to care one bit, feeling that it had served it's purpose in its 20 years in our family. And so, I put it on Craig's List.

Soon after posting, a nice woman emailed me and said she was interested. We exchanged a few emails, and she decided she wanted the bike. I had noticed that, at the bottom of her email there was a signature line with a website,    I assumed that since she had it in her signature line, she wanted people to look at the site. And so I did. I clicked on the link and came to find that she was a mosaic artist. And she made some darn cool stuff!   So I replied back to her and told her I clicked on the link, and that I loved her art, told her she was very talented, and would she ever consider trading art for the bike?

If you have been reading this blog, you know that our house is currently a bit devoid of art, and what is better than fun, handmade art, that you traded for an exercise bike?!

She writes back that she would love to do that, and so it happened. She arrived at my home that evening, took the bike, and in exchange, I got this awesome piece of art.
Yes, it's an actual coffee cup with mosaic surrounding it! You never know what you will find with Craig's List!

So here's my shout out to Rachel, the artist, who is really sweet! She does 'on the road mosaics' and will bring all of her supplies to you for a birthday party, girls wine and art party, whatever you would like. She will also have a booth at Art-A-Whirl, so if you like her stuff, keep an eye on her site for the location of her booth.

And now I have a beautiful piece of art...and Rachel has the exercise bike she wanted! My life motto, It never hurts to ask! You just may wind up with a mosaic.

Contact: Rachel

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Debra Fiterman said...

You have to check this out! Made me think of you. You swap your services or stuff you have for modern furniture... Only going until March 11...very cool