Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's still funny....

So it's raining today in Minnesota, and I haven't slept in two nights because my dogs are crazy and won't sleep. And so I'm at a loss for what to write. However, my bff and the mother of Hank(adorable baby who I have posted pictures of), asked me to send her a picture of Jeremy and myself for a project her friend was doing for her son's 1st birthday. So as I was looking through pictures I came across this engagement photo. I have posted it before, but again, as it does everytime, it got me laughing so hard I felt that I needed to post it.

and the facebook comments that were posted with it...
  • Stacy V. - I see two "special" people frolicking in the grass with one and a half legs
  • Jason B. - What are you guys running away from??? The cheesiness of the photo? (I am just the typist, It is Robyn's comment.)
  • Rinat G. - You guys look like you're trying out for a Bollywood video...I'm waiting for about 100 dancing Indians to jump out from behind you
  • Jessica H. - reunited and it feels so good
  • Ali B. What happened to your other leg?? It's so nice that the two people with one and a half legs found each other
  • Jaclyn M. - it also appears as if you have no foot on your regularly functioning leg...

So I may just be over tired, but this picture still makes me laugh so hard I literally cry. Jeremy and Kara as though we lost half of the same leg, and both of our feet. But still so happy we can romp through a field.

Pardon the exhaustion.

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Randee said...

i can't breathe i am laughing so hard....that is a picture for the Ellen show....too hilarious!