Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What happens when you stop paying attention

I have a terrible attention span. Seriously terrible. At work I must do 10 things at once, or I am not able to focus on any one thing. In life, I am constantly doing a million things. It is like my ADD has ADD. So anyways, on to a new topic :-)

Our not-so-little-anymore puppy, Stanley's fur had been getting quite shaggy. And while we thought this was downright adorable, when he stopped paying attention to commands at puppy class because he could not see the hand motions, due to the fur in his face, we decided he needed a trim.

So, we took him to the groomer, who is the world's most amazing dog groomer. She is the dog whisperer. We brought him in, and she started discussing what we should do with his fur. At this time, a horrible thing happened, and I stopped paying attention altogether, and just nodded my head. She asked me a question, and it was too far down the 'not paying attention' road, and so I just responded, "Yes, that would be perfect, absolutely perfect".

What would be perfect? I have no idea. But I felt dumb saying, "You know what, I just totally stopped paying attention about 3 minutes ago, could you repeat everything you just said about my dog's fur cut?"  That just seemed rude. And so, I went with it.

And my little furry doggy turned out like this:
(Stan is a little chubby so he's decided to take up weight lifting)

Yes, my little furry doggy was shaved. And it is my fault. Because I have the attention span of a toddler.

Little Stan puppy, I am very sorry all of your fur has been shaved. I promise it will grow back. But your mother's attention span? There is no help for that problem.


Scorpicon said...

Wow. I think we need to come visit you guys immediately. I want to see Stan in person like this.

Natalie Lembeck said...

Dear Stan,
I love you even with your short shaved hair.

With much adoration,
Your admirer from afar