Thursday, April 28, 2011


Hello blog readers! I really don't have any exciting, insulation on the top of the car, throwing toilet away, being locked in a bathroom type stories to share today, so instead I will share some things on my mind. Sorry if this is boring. But ya know, sometimes its good to make a list of what is on your mind. I like lists.

*My dogs are annoying me right now. The older one has forgotten how to be potty trained. The younger one follows the older one. It is insanely frustrating. Who would like a shih-tzu/bichon? Two for the price of one. jk.

*My best friend Stacy (mother of adorable Hank) got a new job and has a week in between her old and new one. She wanted to get out of town. I wanted to get out of town. So we're going to Denver next week. We've never been. Anyone have suggestions of what to do in Denver?

*Yes, I am sick of the awful weather in Minnesota, but more than that, I am sick of the awful weather being the only conversation topic amongst people. If I hear, "Wow, it sure is cold outside" or "Gee, it's really coming down out there" one more time.....  I feel like I should just start singing 'Singin' in the Rain' and dance in the street to throw people off.

*There's a little part of me that wants to get up at 4am and watch the royal wedding. And there's a big part of me that doesn't really care. But I know I'll watch it. On DVR. Over the weekend. At a reasonable hour. Wearing a hat. Really I just want to wear a hat.

*Our yard is a gigundo mess. I need to take pictures and post them. I will do a before and after series on my lawn. It's comical. The dogs walk outside to do their business (which we all know they don't do outside anyways due to the first bullet point) and sink into the muck. We have no grass, and due construction and burying power lines in our back yard, it looks a bit like the tectonic plates have shifted. This one is going to get it's own blog post.

Okay, that's all for now. Please send me any Denver recommendations you have!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


I am 27 years old, I grew up with computers, own and cannot live without my iPhone, iPad, iBook, facebook, internet, email, and of course, my blog. I was raised in a pretty tech savvy home (my grandmother had one of the very first Apple IIe's that were sold. She never opened it from the box, but she owned one!).

However, for the life of me, I cannot understand Twitter. And, I have come to realize, that neither does the rest of the world. Two weeks ago I decided to get out of the dark ages (aka Facebook) and open a Twitter account. I am approaching my 28th birthday, and I decided that I cannot get stuck in the olden days, I need to understand and embrace the new things. So, I signed up for an account and resolved to learn how to use this Twitter shenanigans.

Well, we are now 2 weeks into this investigation, and I don't like or understand it any more than I did when I started. Now Jeremy thinks that my dislike of Twitter stems from the people that I follow, but there lies another point of confusion for me. I follow, Oprah, Ryan Seacrest, Gail King (Oprah's Best Friend), Martha Stewart, Jamie Oliver and Danny DeVito.

And, if you are wondering why I follow the single strangest group of people, it is because I don't know who to follow, don't know how to find people I actually know, and can't figure out what these people are the thought of adding more people, when I won't know what they are saying, is just totally overwhelming. And so I follow Oprah, Ryan Seacrest, Gail King, Martha Stewart, Jamie Oliver and Danny DeVito.

I don't understand hashtags. I don't understand re-tweeting. I don't understand the @ symbol.  And, now, after talking to many, many people about my Twitter conundrum , I have realized that nobody really gets it. Sure, there is the 2% of the population that understands it, but for the rest of America, they just talk about it, and nod their heads like they understand it so they don't look like total fools.

Truth, exposed.

And so, due to my paralyzing fear of being left behind in the scene of what's new and cool, I will continue to follow Oprah, Ryan Seacrest, Gail King, Martha Stewart, Jamie Oliver and Danny DeVito.
But if Danny DeVito says one more thing like:
#Trollfoot's drinking pals at Coachella 2011
I may have to de-friend, de-follow, un-watch him. Because this whole thing has my head spinning.
Now, on to my cross stitch project as I sit in my rocking chair.

Monday, April 18, 2011

A Crappy Situation

Oh the joys of homeownership. The American Dream. Maybe sometimes.

So you see, since we moved into our newish/old house there has been an old, rusty, stained, nasty toilet sitting in our 3rd garage stall. It was from the house, pre-construction, and used to sit in the basement. And when I say old, I mean this sucker was old, like 1912 old. The toilet had long since been removed, and for some reason, was sitting in this garage.

I was cleaning this past weekend, and finally got sick of seeing the nasty toilet sitting in the garage. After researching ways to get rid of an old toilet, and realizing that this may be the only thing in the world that will not be claimed on "Craig's List FREE", I decided we needed to get this outta here.

Note: "I decided WE should get this outta here".

And so I called my dad and asked what to do. We couldn't figure out what to do with the toilet. He suggested that we bring it to an apartment building we own, and utilize the dumpster there. Great. Let's do that.

Uh, turns out toilets are heavy. And akward. And disgusting. We somehow manage to get this sucker out of the garage and lift it into the back of my SUV. Yes, just the two of us.

We drive to the apartment building, a few blocks away from our house. I was freaking out all along the way, convinced there was old doo-doo water leaking into the trunk of my car. Jeremy was not as convinced. Note, it was not his car.

We arrive and realize it is the type of dumpster where you have to lift up the lid, like the one below.
Now these lids are not as easy as they appear to lift. That is, if you two people who are 5' 3" tall. So we can't get the lid off of this dumpster.
We develop a plan in which we will lift the toilet up, and once we get it to the lid, I will shimmy my shoulder under the lid of the dumpster and Jeremy will quickly push the toilet into the dumpster. That was the plan.

We lift the nasty 100 year old toilet out of the car, and over to the dumpster. We lift it up, feeling pretty proud of ourselves.
We get it above our heads, I start with the shoulder under the lid plan, and the toilet breaks in half.
Yes, the 100 year old toilet breaks in half, and lo and behold, there's liquid inside. Extraordinarily old you-know-what water leaks out and all over my legs and shoes.

I want to scream, cry, and drop the toilet, but I know that will only delay the situation. The situation which is Jeremy and Kara, holding a 100 year old broken-in-half toilet over our heads.

Jeremy looks at me and says, "Are you okay?"
I cannot formulate words and so instead I scream at the top of my lungs. Yes, scream at the top of my lungs.

With nothing more than sheer disgust and adrenaline we manage to push the rest of the toilet into the dumpster. Toilet free from our hands, I look down, and see my soaked pants and shoes, full of you-know-what water.

What's a girl to do?
Take off her pants.
Yes, right then and there, in the apartment building parking lot, I just had to take them off. I had underwear on people, its basically like a swimsuit then. And so I ran, without my pants on, back to the car, screaming all the way home. Yes, literally screaming. Jeremy as my witness.

Home ownership, it's the American Dream.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Winner and.....the big O

And the winner...out of the massive amounts of people who commented (people....comment....I see that 146 people read the post in 1.5 days...I know you're out there) is ....Stephanie!  I will contact you and have your Big Big prize sent directly to you!

Keep your eyes out for more contests. Or you will miss out. You never know, I may start to give out cars and trips to Australia too. I mentioned....the big O....OPRAH!!!!
This past Friday I had the great joy of attending one of the final episodes of the Oprah Winfrey show. It was an incredible joy and a total dream come true. The show was entitled, "Rock Goddesses of the '70s and '80s" and featured Pat Benetar, Stevie Nicks, Joan Jett and Sister Sledge. They were paired with rock goddesses of today which included Miley Cirus, Avril Levigne and Sheryl Crow. Not bad, eh?

I loved seeing the behind the scenes stuff, like Oprah bitching about her horribly uncomfortable shoes, and Miley forgetting the words to her song, and I loved just being in the presence of Oprah. Incredible. 

What amazed me were the rediculous questions that audience members asked her. I mean honestly, you have 20 seconds to ask Oprah Winfrey a question, and you ask her, "What was the first concert you ever attended?" Or tell her about your group of friends that are attending the show with you...seriously people. Say something unique, or thought provoking.

Or just sit in your chair with your mouth gaping open at her amazingness like me. That works too.

Truly an incredible trip. I was sad that my sister could not attend the show with us as we only had two seats. I tried to convince the girl ahead of me to give us her extra seat as her mom could not attend at the last minute. I had coached her in the line and told her to say: "So my mom is very, very ill and couldn't come with me today, so I brought my friend Robyn(my sister) with me as my support system to see the show as I am so upset about my mother". 

Instead...she walks up and says..."So this girl here wants me to change my extra ticket into her sister's name. I've never met them before, they were just standing behind me in line."

Not so much what we had discussed. She would make a bad salesperson. And thus, she didn't get in. I tried. 

So watch Oprah today at 4:00pm! It will be a great show! Well really you should always watch Oprah, every day, because it rocks.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Pizza Party...or pizza at 9pm after a long flight

I don't think I have mentioned this yet, but I have been invited to be a Freschetta Fresh Connection blog member. It's pretty much like I'm famous, without the money, or the fame part, but add in some pizza. They will be sending me some coupons to try various products and review them, and then offer them to you, my blog readers as well! I hope they realize that I am a very honest person. I can't lie. But so far, it's been pretty good stuff.

So....there's a contest on today's blog! Keep reading until the end and enter, and you could win a 3 piece Freschetta storage set (tupperware style set - they sent me one, it's awesome) and a coupon for FREE Freschetta by the slice pizza!

Freschetta by the Slice is essentially Freschetta pizza....but just one slice (I guess that's self explanatory), and is prepared in the microwave. I was a bit nervous about microwave pizza, but am never one to turn down free stuff. I choose the BBQ Chicken flavor (other flavors include  Veggie medley, Chicken, Spinach and Mushroom and 6 Cheese). I do have to say, one criticism was the flavor choice. I'm a bit of a traditionalist in this category and would have liked to see a simple cheese, or pepperoni. I get what they are going for, but I think they could be simplified a bit.
Jeremy actually tried the pizza last night when he arrived home from a bachelor party in Vegas. He did not get home until 9pm and it made for a nice little late dinner.
Here's the down and dirty:
* It did not taste microwaved at all, tasted quite fresh and crispy
*Chicken was surprisingly fresh and good
* Easy and convenient to make
* Portion controlled, really, should anyone eat an ENTIRE pizza? No. But a lot of people do. Instead, try a piece of pizza....with some veggies on the side!
* Portable
* Flavors were a bit over-complicated. I would have liked something more simple.
* It was hard to find. Right now it is only available at Walmart in Minnesota. I went there to find it, but we are a Target I had a hard time with that. :-)
*The BBQ sauce was fairly sweet.
Overall he thought it was a great option to have in the freezer when you need a quick lunch or dinner. Nutrition facts were a bit high for a lunch, but if paired with a salad or some other vegetable, it would be a great option.

One lucky reader will win a smaller 3 piece version of the Freschetta storage system plus a coupon for a complementary Freschetta By The Slice pizza! 

To enter this contest, leave a comment on this post by April 13th, 2011 at 12:00pm CST. This contest is open to U.S. ADDRESSES ONLY. Please leave your email address. I will choose one (1) winner using and will be announced as a comment on this post. The winners will also be notified by email and/or through a comment on their blog (if available).

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dream come true

This weekend - I will have the amazing joy of completing one of my most desired bucket list items.
Jumping out of a plane? Nah, anyone can do that.
Running a marathon? Uh no, I like to workout but I'm not stupid :-)
Teaching children in a 3rd world country?   That would be so nice, but nope.

Attending the Oprah show??? YES!!!!! That is my dream come true. And this Friday, I will be there! (barring any natural disasters that she may have to run off and attend to. So please, nature, don't destroy anything until AFTER I see Oprah). 

I have been an avid Oprah viewer and fan since I was, let's say....8? 10? No joke. I would race home to watch Oprah with my mom. And as I got older, and attended college, while everyone else was watching the Bachelor, and Grey's Anatomy, I was planning my class schedule around the Oprah show.   I could never schedule a class in the 4:00-5:00 hour, and needed to plan sufficient time beforehand to get home from class to watch. Some people wished for no classes on Friday, I wished for no classes during Oprah.

And so, after trying for years and years finally got tickets and I'm going this weekend! After watching the Oprah show with my mom for years and years, the two of us will finally see it in person!

There ya go, secret's out. I'm a big dork. And I adore Oprah. And I probably would not be this excited to meet President Obama.

Oprah, I know you're pretty excited to meet me too. Try to contain your excitement for just a few more days.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy #2!

Today celebrates our 2 year wedding anniversary! It is amazingly hard to believe it has been two years. It feels like just yesterday that we were engrossed in....

monogram designs:
Adressing invitations:

Out of town gift bags:
And generally having the most fun day of our lives!
And so this weekend we celebrated our anniversary. Saturday, just Jer and myself, and then on Sunday night with my whole family. We had a great time and celebrated as my family does with all celebrations (half birthdays, dog birthdays, valentines day, Wednesday) with cake.

My mom had this cake made for the occassion...
Yes....the cake says Happy #2. And yes, that is drippy chocolate running down the side. Am I the only gross person who opened up this cake and started hysterically laughing? 
Happy #2. 
I know we celebrate lots of things with cake in my family but #2, that is not something we have typically celebrated with cake.
First time for everything.

Happy #2 Jer

Friday, April 1, 2011

The BIG reveal

The moment you have all been waiting for. Forever. The big reveal.

What pieces of art were made by the Franks? What pieces of art were made by artists selling them for a ton of money? Well you are about to find out.

The correct answer was guessed by just one person, my friend Melissa!!! Mel, you are the big, big winner. One piece of art will be delivered to your home!

In fact, I was pretty shocked that people were so wrong. But in a good way. I guess that means it is either conceivable that my art was not so terrible, or perhaps a comment on the artist behind the real art for sale. Regardless - great game blog followers! (although 160 people looked at this post, and only 8 commented. Come on people)

The art that was made by the Franks is as follows:

B. (actually made by Stacy)
A. Made by Kara
B. Made by Jeremy!

Yes that is right, the above art is made by the Franks (and Stacy!). Below are some more of my fine art pieces. If anyone really does want any of it, let me know. I am happy to provide you with Frank art for your home.

I kind of forgot how incredibly calming it is to paint! Seriously, I may have found myself a new hobby.