Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy #2!

Today celebrates our 2 year wedding anniversary! It is amazingly hard to believe it has been two years. It feels like just yesterday that we were engrossed in....

monogram designs:
Adressing invitations:

Out of town gift bags:
And generally having the most fun day of our lives!
And so this weekend we celebrated our anniversary. Saturday, just Jer and myself, and then on Sunday night with my whole family. We had a great time and celebrated as my family does with all celebrations (half birthdays, dog birthdays, valentines day, Wednesday) with cake.

My mom had this cake made for the occassion...
Yes....the cake says Happy #2. And yes, that is drippy chocolate running down the side. Am I the only gross person who opened up this cake and started hysterically laughing? 
Happy #2. 
I know we celebrate lots of things with cake in my family but #2, that is not something we have typically celebrated with cake.
First time for everything.

Happy #2 Jer

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