Thursday, April 21, 2011


I am 27 years old, I grew up with computers, own and cannot live without my iPhone, iPad, iBook, facebook, internet, email, and of course, my blog. I was raised in a pretty tech savvy home (my grandmother had one of the very first Apple IIe's that were sold. She never opened it from the box, but she owned one!).

However, for the life of me, I cannot understand Twitter. And, I have come to realize, that neither does the rest of the world. Two weeks ago I decided to get out of the dark ages (aka Facebook) and open a Twitter account. I am approaching my 28th birthday, and I decided that I cannot get stuck in the olden days, I need to understand and embrace the new things. So, I signed up for an account and resolved to learn how to use this Twitter shenanigans.

Well, we are now 2 weeks into this investigation, and I don't like or understand it any more than I did when I started. Now Jeremy thinks that my dislike of Twitter stems from the people that I follow, but there lies another point of confusion for me. I follow, Oprah, Ryan Seacrest, Gail King (Oprah's Best Friend), Martha Stewart, Jamie Oliver and Danny DeVito.

And, if you are wondering why I follow the single strangest group of people, it is because I don't know who to follow, don't know how to find people I actually know, and can't figure out what these people are the thought of adding more people, when I won't know what they are saying, is just totally overwhelming. And so I follow Oprah, Ryan Seacrest, Gail King, Martha Stewart, Jamie Oliver and Danny DeVito.

I don't understand hashtags. I don't understand re-tweeting. I don't understand the @ symbol.  And, now, after talking to many, many people about my Twitter conundrum , I have realized that nobody really gets it. Sure, there is the 2% of the population that understands it, but for the rest of America, they just talk about it, and nod their heads like they understand it so they don't look like total fools.

Truth, exposed.

And so, due to my paralyzing fear of being left behind in the scene of what's new and cool, I will continue to follow Oprah, Ryan Seacrest, Gail King, Martha Stewart, Jamie Oliver and Danny DeVito.
But if Danny DeVito says one more thing like:
#Trollfoot's drinking pals at Coachella 2011
I may have to de-friend, de-follow, un-watch him. Because this whole thing has my head spinning.
Now, on to my cross stitch project as I sit in my rocking chair.


Rachel Rosen said...

Hey! I hope that cross stitch comment wasn't meant in a snarky, sarcastic tone because I LITERALLY just put down my cross stitching to check your blog..... Don't knock it till you try it :-)

Kara Frank said...

hahaha - maybe I SHOULD pick up cross stitch because I would probably be much better at that than Twitter :-)

Rachel Rosen said...

anytime you want a lesson, or a little stitch & coffee get together, call me

Kristin said...

i'm on single tweet was "i'm afraid of twitter. but i'll try it." haven't done anything since.