Monday, May 9, 2011

The beautiful lawn

I have alluded to the lack luster state of our yard at home, however, I don't think you can truly appreciate it's true appeal until you see the photos. Now I'm sure most of you don't care two licks about landscaping, but you may enjoy laughing at our pain. It's okay.

Now before we started construction, the yard, like the home, needed some work. It was overgrown, in desperate need of some Round-Up weed control, a bit of fertilizer, and a lot of pruning and chopping.  Round-up people, if, by some miracle, you are reading this blog, feel free to send free samples our way. We need about two truck loads of the stuff.

Two photos of our yard, pre-construction (note the various lawn ornaments left behind by the previous owner):
View from Inside the dining room, pre-construction
Side yard, pre-construction

 And if you thought that was ugly....brace yourselves. This is the situation today, post construction.

Our rear door into the back yard...

Our side yard, esthetically enhanced by random pallets and bags of rocks, strewn through the yard.


Yes, these are real photos, of our actual yard. Try not to be jealous. It's pretty lovely. Want to stop by for a picnic?! And as it turns out, you actually have to pay for grass. And it's quite expensive. So we thought we'd just keep it looking like this for a while. Okay maybe not. Grass is on its way. And Round-up. And irrigation. 

I'm thinking we should try to get on one of those landscaping turn-around shows. Honestly, could there be a bigger before and after? So, if you have some free time, and want to come help with landscaping projects, let us know! It's totally exciting and thrilling.

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C Bott said...

are you still contemplating the pool I suggested? I'd come back from NY for special trips to use it!