Monday, May 2, 2011

Chilly Jay's

My family loves Ice Cream. Like really loves Ice Cream. And, I married a man who also LOVES Ice Cream. And this is not in your regular, run of the mill, who doesn't love a good ice cream cone on a hot day...kind  of love.

This is the, my mother's freezer is typically filled with no less than 5 varieties of ice cream, year round, followed up by no less than 4 additional, "Back Up" gallons in the auxiliary freezer. No lie. Couldn't make this stuff up.

On a recent trip to the University of Minnesota campus (where I very proudly attended college), I noticed a new frozen yogurt shop. Knowing the great love both my family and husband have for the frozen treat, I googled the new shop as soon as I got home.

Well...turns out this is a self serve Fro Yo shop with a plethora of topping options to help oneself.

I tell dear husband about the find that evening, and he insists we get in the car and go immediately. And so we did. And clearly, by the topic of this blog post, you know it did not dissapoint.

This place is AMAZING!!! So last night, we had dinner with my whole family and told them about this place that had just been open 3 weeks, and we had already been twice! My brother in law lead the charge to quickly get the dinner check and head out and try this place.

And after a full dinner...the photo above is of our dessert at Chilly Billy's. And my mom and dad loved it so much they asked to speak to the owner.

The owner walks out, looking as though he's prepared to meet an angry customer.

Not so much.

He walks over and my dear dad commences telling this ice cream shop owner his life story, including his college degree in speech communications, how he grew up in St. Paul, what school his daughters and sons-in-law attended, and his chosen profession. And in the end, tells this guy he wants him to open a shop closer to our house. And while eating said ice cream, we even found a location. And if not, my dad wants to franchise the concept and open his own. Yes, one bowl of ice cream turned into his next career.

And ice cream loving family is now convinced we need to open this Fro Yo shop on our side of town. But instead of Chilly Billy's....perhaps Chilly Jay's (my dad's name)?  Or Jeremy likes the name "Cow to Cup". My sister likes "Twin City Yogurt".

If you live in the cities, try Chilly Billy's - it's great. Or stay turned, there just may be a Chilly Jay's springing up around a corner near you!


Scorpicon said...

My love for you and your stories are like your love for ice cream. Thanks for sharing! I think a trip to Chilly Billy's is in order!

Nicole said...

Haha! Glad the craze has hit the cities! It's been the big thing down here for a year or two and I'm obsessed as well....there are three different places within walking distance of my apartment=dangerous!

Rachel Rosen said...


Omg, the first thing that brings to mind is NOT yogurt.....eeeeewwww!!!

Ok, that said, if you need an experienced sales girl to help sling yogurt sundaes I think I know someone perfect for the job :-)

Kara Frank said...

haha - hilarious Rachel. You would be an outstanding yogurt seller. I imagine you coming up with a list of topping combinations to recommend.
Mine would be:
Gummy Bears
frosting covered animal crackers
cookie dough
cheesecake bites