Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

Can you even say that? Happy Memorial Day? Seems weird.

No big plans for the weekend, hanging out around town and trying to get our yard in order. My very nice, wonderful family has generously offered to join us in the backbreaking effort to landscape and mulch our yard this weekend. They may regret that decision next week. But for now, I am pretty grateful for the help. I will post pictures after the weekend.  It's going to be beautiful! And if you think it's ugly, don't comment.

Yea, I don't know - I'm sortof at a loss for exciting stories to tell today. I'm story-less.

Ohhh, I know what I'll do, I'll share some recent revelations of the week. They're pretty powerful. Just you wait and see.
1. My puppy Stanley looks like he is wearing a fat suit. He looks like a tiny dog, hidden inside a fake fat suit. It's kind-of hilarious. I don't have a good picture of this situation to share, but I will take one and post it soon.

2. My life will not be as full now that Oprah is off the air. Yes, I did cry during all of her last 3 shows. No, I don't ever cry.  Unless it's for Oprah. Or dogs.

3. I had an extremely socially awkward situation happen this week that made me question all of my social skills. Like truly, I stood in a corner thinking, "How have I ever, in life, made friends?" And then I realized it wasn't me. Maybe that is mean. But this was truly awful, everything I said was wrong, for example:
Kara:             "Where do you live?"
XYZ person:   "Out West"
Kara:              "Oh great, like California? Seattle?"
XYZ person:   "Uh, no, like west of here. Western Minnesota"
Kara:               "Ah, yea...right....a little less exciting"

Kara:               "What do you do?"
XYZ person:     "I'm into the arts, artists"
Kara:                "Oh great, what kind of art do you do? Painting, sculpture?"
XYZ person:      "Uh, I don't make art. I'm just into art. I like artists"
Kara:                 "Yea, right, cool. Okay now (and this is where I start looking at my feet and rambling on for an uncomfortably long time about something that likely makes no sense, simply because I feel really awkward. This is also where I thought I had poof...lost all social skills. And this back and forth of me asking questions, and them hitting a wall, happened for about 15 minutes until I was pulled away by a friend who noticed the train wreck that was this conversation.)
Does this happen to other people? You just have a moment inside your head where you are like, "How have I ever, in my life, made a single friend? I can't manage to talk to this person to save my life." That happened to me.

4. Minnesota has turned into the Arctic Circle. I'm keeping my eye out for reindeer. And Santa. His workshop must be around here somewhere. Maybe he visits the Jewish kids in the summer.

5. I still have not found appropriate footwear for gardening.

6.  Yea, that's all I've got for today.

Have a good weekend everyone! I'll be back Monday, hopefully a bit more exciting.


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Hi regards to #3, I often find it rather rude when XYZ just answers the questions (albeit, this time quite oddly) but doesn't ask you anything. It's like you're interviewing XYZ. Is asking for a little interaction asking too much? When I'm in this situation and there's a pause, I'm thinking, "okay, now it's your turn...go ahead, ask me something..I'm ready!"