Friday, June 3, 2011

Life is laughing at me

Do you ever feel that way? Do you ever just feel like life is throwing some stuff your way to see how you react? Like the annoying little brother who keeps poking you and poking you, until you scream?  Yea, it's sort-of feeling that way right now.


As I mentioned previously, our house was hit by a pretty big storm about a month ago. The sky pelted these suckers...
at our house for about 20 minutes. It was a scary, messy, awful storm. On our beautiful new/old house. We did not see any visible signs of damage (except for the FILTHY house, since we have no grass yet, the hail hit the mud and splattered out house all over. Our once tan house was chocolate brown. Thus leading to weeks of washing the house). However, all of our neighbors had roof and/or siding damage, therefore we called our insurance company to come out and take a look.

In the 4 weeks that they made us wait, until an adjuster could grace us with his presence, we were hit by a second storm. This time, a tornado. Thankfully, the tornado missed our house, but we sustained extraordinarily high winds, and more hail. man was now coming out to look at 2 storms.

Yesterday was the day. Jeremy worked from home so he could be there with the insurance adjuster. The appointment was at 1:00pm.
1:10 - he is not there
1:20 - still not there
1:30 - now this is getting rude
1:40 - Jeremy calls me and we decide he should call our insurance company
He calls the company, and they place a call the the adjuster who is, in fact supposed to come out that day. They connect Jeremy with the adjuster, who informs Jeremy of the following:

The insurance adjuster stated that today,  he ended up in the ER with torn cartilage between all of his ribs.  (It is unclear how he did this, but it sounds like it happened on another inspection) After 6 vials of morphine, they just released him.  They instructed him not to work for 4 days, but he wants to look at our house sooner than that. (No thanks, torn rib guy, get your rest)  

For real? Life, stop laughing at me. It's not funny. Just fix my house peeps. Or maybe, there will be another storm and he will be surveying 3. 


Mel said...

We must have the same insurance company & adjuster because I had a similar voicemail left for me last Friday. Little did they know I wasn't going to show up either. :) Walking around London was way better than waiting for my insurance adjuster.

Kara Frank said...

Really???? That's hilarious!
p.s. I want to hear about your trip - lets make lunch plans